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can i use osex, sexlab and flowergirls all at once?

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22 minutes ago, mythirdalt34 said:

So i know osex and sexlab are compatible and i use them both but can i add flowergirls to the mix as well or does that conflict with sexlab? Cuz there are a lot of mods that require strictly flowergirl and its annoying when i cant use it.

You can run Sexlab and FG at the same time. I've never tried osex.

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Dont see why not.

There are multiple issues that come to mind thou. Animation limit is the obvious one, but beyond that - Ostim uses its own scaling solution to make sure eveything align. Wich is fine, if your races arend modified. If they are, however, perfect alignment of the system goes out of the window. Never used FG, but id imagine it will have its own issues.

 Technicly none of those shall be exclusive to another, so if you want to just try each framework - should probably work. Wouldnt use them together in any save meant for anything beyond trial and error testing.

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