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  1. Unlike most other SLSF fame levels, which can be incremented internally by the SLSF mod, the SLSF "Whore" fame is not incremented by the SLSF mod itself, but must be incremented externally by other (prostitution) mods. The SLSF author left instructions on how other mods can increment SLSF fame levels, but to my knowledge no prostitution mod does this. One workaround is to use SlaveTats and configure SLSF to increment Whore fame with a visible "Whore" themed tattoo. The reason you are getting whoring offers with no Whore fame is that version 3.0 of SLSF Fame Comments treats Slut fame of 90+ as equivalent to Whore fame of 10+. I did this so that PCs have another option to get Whore offers. I suppose what I should do next is make the SLSF Fame Comments mod increment SLSF Whore fame with accepted Whore offers, so you can bootstrap yourself into Whore fame with high Slut fame. I tried to do this once and the script wouldn't compile (my programming skills are not great), but I'll give it another shot. This mod doesn't make any changes that would cause such attacks. It must be another mod. All this mod does is add a bounty amount, and then only after receiving a Jarl warning letter. Nothing else that would trigger an attack. Hmm. I think it's probably the "Submissive" fame rather than the "Likes Men" fame that is triggering any female aggression. There's definitely some male NPCs events and comments oriented around a male NPC trying to turn a gay female PC "straight," but I don't recall putting in the opposite with respect to gay male PCs. If it seems non-immersive, let me know and I can have the female NPCs check "Likes Men" fame as a factor in such "Submissive" attacks (i.e., make it less likely for a female NPC to force a submissive male PC who likes men). I like the idea. I've implemented it to a certain extent already. Once you receive the Jarl letter in a town you can trigger a new set of guard "forced event" comments in the town that you couldn't trigger before. This should significantly increase the amount of guard forced events once you have been declared the "town slut" (or similar) in the town. So, essentially you do become the guards' plaything to a certain extent once you've been declared the "town slut" or whatever. Also, I think SexLab Solutions provides functionality more like what you are requesting, where you can use sex to pay off a bounty. You're welcome. It's tricky to get the balance right, and to avoid non-immersive comment situations, since the mod can trigger dialogue for just about any NPC. So, I appreciate any feedback. (Also, it's hard to playtest a mod that generates random comments.) This is a reported bug for SLSF LE version, which has carried over to SLSF SE version - putting on a helmet causes the PC to have a "Naked" status in SLSF. There are two ways to address this. The first is to install Devious Devices (that definitely works). The second (which I haven't tried, since I use DD) is add the helmet to the SLSF Excluded List, which I believe you can do by putting on the helmet, using the down arrow hotkey to bring up radial menu, and then selecting "Add Excluded," and then "Clothing/Armor" and then picking the helmet off the list.
  2. I just posted v3.01 to address this. I was surprised to find increasing the fame thresholds on the "event" comments in the College didn't fix the issue. The "event" comments still were very disproportionately triggered. It turns out I had the normal fame comments set to a priority of 70 and the fame "event" comments set to a priority of 80. The documentation on this is pretty poor, but it appears this "priority" is used in cases where dialogue comments from two different quests for the same NPC are competing. Based on my observations, it looks as if the higher priority ones are tested first, and if their conditions are met, they trigger, if not, the lower priority ones are then tested. (Not 100% sure about that, but the priority levels are definitely affecting the proportions in any case.) Thus, I set the priority the same for all event and non-event comments, so that they are all drawn evenly from the same random pool. I did this by raising the non-event comments from priority 70 to 80. This had the (fortunate, in my view) side effect of making some NPCs that gave much less frequent fame comments under the old priority (likely because they had a larger pool of higher priority comments) now give levels of comments equivalent to other NPCs. For example, guards are a lot more likely to give fame comments now. So, overall it seems to be a good change, but it also has the effect of raising overall comment frequency. I normally playtest at the SLSF MCM default "Comment Probability" level of 70%, but am now trying it around 45-50% with v3.01 to achieve about the same overall frequency. Thanks again for the detailed notes. Please let me know if you run into any other issues, especially if you see any issues with the balance of comments with v3.01.
  3. Great observation. I just made myself a note a minute before I logged on here to check the College assault settings because I was playtesting last night and noticed it was a little rough in there. I can't recall exactly (some of these comments were programmed months ago) but I suspect I lowered those fame thresholds for playtesting and forgot to raise them. I'll review the College and the other guild hall fame thresholds, and will certainly raise the College thresholds. As for cool down, all of the individual "event" comments have a 24-hour cool down, but there are usually several variations of each, so it is certainly possible to get some of the same types of events in a row. The "event" comments are drawn from the same (fairly large) stack of random non-event comments, so my hope was that I wouldn't need to program any other "event" comment cooldown, as the fairly large number of available random comments would make getting two comments of the same general type in a row unlikely. I think the problem here is that with the College "event" comments (mistakenly) set at a very low threshold, and most normal comments at a higher threshold, the normal comments are not available to someone who recently entered the College and thus the "event" comments are dominating. So, raising the fame thresholds for the event comments should put things back into the proper balance.
  4. You're welcome, and thanks for the feedback. If you do get any Jarl warnings, please confirm if you don't mind. I haven't managed to yet confirm all of them in my playtesting.
  5. You're welcome, and I agree, but the mod below will give you what you want. SexLab's built in functionality will detect beds and (depending upon SL MCM settings) ask if you want to use them. But the SexLab bed-detection range is pretty short, and even in some inns you may be too far away from a bed for it to detect. The SL Privacy mod extends the SL bed detection range, and also can detect other private areas (the mod has many such areas programmed in, like secluded areas behind buildings) for SL activity. But in any case make sure the SL MCM settings are set to allow bed use. In fact, if your SL MCM settings don't currently allow bed use, I would first try turning that on in the SL MCM. You might find you don't even need the below mod.
  6. Will do, next version. Other than the MCM script, and some super simple script fragments attached to the Jarl warning quests' stages, it's pretty much 1800 script fragments attached to dialogue. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know. I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to scripting.
  7. So, I just created a papyrus log for the first time. My eyes! Wow is that ugly - there are mods throwing errors all over that log, mods that are otherwise working fine for me. Anyway, I searched the log for "SLSF" and only got one hit, which is a missing script file in my SLSFC mod (one related to one of the Jarl letters). I'll put that on my list of things to fix for the next version. So, I'm getting nothing like the SLSF errors in your log. But, I'll keep checking these logs. They definitely seem to be a better way to find missing script fragments than me looking though thousands of dialogue entries. Also, my mod doesn't call any SLSF scripts. It just uses the Global Variables and Magic Effects that SLSF creates. Those are really the only points of connection between the mods.
  8. The first one is my fault. I renamed all the script fragments called by the mod from 'TIF' prefixes to 'SLSFC' prefixes, so that I could more easily package up the SLSFC mod's scripts. But I had to do this line by line and script by script in the mod, and with over 4000 lines and 1800 script fragments, it looks like I missed some. I'll try to find which line or lines of dialogue in the mod are calling these two scripts. If I can find them, I'll rename them and then put them in the next mod version package. If I can't find them to rename, I'll just add the two TIF files referenced to next mod version package without renaming them. In the meantime, it shouldn't cause any issues though. It just means one or two lines of dialogue are missing an intended animation or SL-event trigger. As for the second item, I don't know what's causing that. Those appear to be SLSF quests generating the errors. Do you have all of the SLSF requirements, including ZaZ? Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is to try reinstalling SLSF.
  9. So, 'Likes Men' fame increases during group sex with other men even though one or more women are involved. That (combined with the possibility of forced sex with men) does mean that the SLSF 'Likes Men' fame isn't by itself a good way to determine if the PC really does like men (i.e., is gay or bi). Combining a 'Likes Men' test with a 'Submissive' test would probably help in some cases, and comparing 'Likes Men' to 'Likes Woman' fame is probably also an improvement (i.e., if the 'Likes Woman' fame is significantly higher than the 'Likes Men', then assume male PC is straight), but testing the SexLab sexuality as you suggest is probably best. I'll look into if there's a way to do that with dialogue conditions.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into how to test the SexLab sexuality setting to improve the conditions. The SLSF 'Likes Men" fame is a bit crude by itself, as it just increases when your PC has sex with men. But... that sex might have been forced, so it doesn't necessarily mean your PC likes men. So, SexLab sexuality may be a good way to refine this. (And probably SLSF Submissive fame as well.) I suppose another idea is to compare SLSF 'Likes Women' to 'Likes Men' fame values as opposed to just looking at one or the other - to get a better sense of overall preferences. As for why SLSF increased 'Likes Men' fame for your PC, I don't know. It's only supposed to increase from SL activity with men. You should probably reset your SLSF fame levels and keep an eye on it.
  11. I don't know of any SLSF settings that would cause this. You are running a lot more mods than I am and I'm not sure which mod is causing the issue. The walking around comments are all "Hello" category random dialogue comments. Something must be suppressing these NPC "Hello" comments. Do you get the vanilla "Hello" comments, e.g., the "arrow in the knee, " "stole your sweet roll," "mages poking around Saarthal," "lightly armored means..." type comments? Do you get comments during SL animations (these are a mix of "Hello" and "Idle" comments)? If I had to guess, I would think it might be a mod that is forcing you into dialogue with NPCs. EDIT: I don't see Fuz Ro D-oh on your mod list. That is a requirement.
  12. Thanks. As for that comment, for a male PC it's triggered by SLSF anal fame 45+ AND (EITHER SLSF Likes Men 25+ fame OR SLSF Submissive fame 25+), so I'm assuming your male PC met those tests. The thought was that a male PC would more likely be on the receiving end of anal fame if they were gay (Likes Men 25+) or submissive (Sub 25+). I'm inclined to increase (double?) the required level of Submissive fame so that a higher submissive level is required as a trigger. Alternatively, I could require both Likes Men fame and Submissive fame (at the existing levels) for this and similar male PC anal comments. Thoughts anyone? These are the kinds of comments and condition tests that are trickier for a male PC than a female PC.
  13. jc22 confirmed that this SLSF Fame Comments mod works on LE in post #316 above. However, I assume you'll need the LE version of SLSF and the LE versions of all of its dependencies.
  14. That shouldn't happen as this mod has a condition check that allows comments only from playable races + old people + (for a few comments) children. But, I know some mods can enable dialogue with creatures (I think Aroused Creatures has an option for that), so it does seem likely that it's the interaction with another mod that causes this, but I have no idea what mod it might be. Also, if it was a husky added by a mod, it might be coded with entirely different attributes than a normal husky. Now that you mention it, I think this happened to me once a while back as well. I don't think it was an in-game dog, or one of the many dogs added by the More Creatures mod, but was some dog added by another mod. So, probably just a one-off thing with the way that particular animal has its attributes set. Also, it's quite likely the husky is entirely correct. 😀
  15. Thanks! and glad it's working well. Yes, this mod really is best running with a primary sex mod in order to accumulate fame. I use SLEN as well for my playtesting. Collars will trigger more comments, though usually of the "slave/submissive" variety. As for your custom followers, they must be triggered by another mod, as this mod doesn't generate comments or events for custom followers (or any followers except for Faendal, Mjoll and Serana).
  16. Hmm. I've had both blacksmiths and hostlers put collars on my PC while playtesting, so I know the scripts on these comments generally work. And I just checked them (there's six such comments, some triggered by slut fame, some submissive fame, some beastiality fame) to make sure one or more of them didn't have some typo or logic error, but they all have the same code to test for collars, so I'm a little stumped as why you got the wrong collar response. You have ZaZ installed, right? Otherwise, I would say just keep playing and see if it happens again. Also, not that it should matter, but are you playing a male or female PC?
  17. I don't know what the issue is. Do you need the papyrus extensions for other mods? Can you roll back to the previous version?
  18. Thanks for the observations. As for the collar, my understanding is that the DD and ZaZ collars all use slot 45, and that particular comment is checking slot 45 (and only slot 45). But slot 45 in the Creation Kit documentation is tagged as "Neck" (though Amulet is 35) and thus other modders might use slot 45 for other neck-related items, like scarves, necklaces, etc. But you said slot 45 was open, right? How did you test that?
  19. It's just rebranded Sleeping Tree Sap. It makes a nice visual effect, vision purple and blurred, and slows movement. Rebranding the sap was just an easy way to get the visuals when a player was drugged for sex. (My programming skills are weak, so I try to leverage everything in the vanilla game I can.) Ancano uses it to take advantage of College students, as do others in the College. Also, most of the "skooma" delivered by NPCs in the mod to get players drunk for sex is actually the much stronger Redwater Den Skooma, which also produces a nice drunk/stoned visual effect.
  20. It's definitely buggy, but it is possible to play it all the way through. I had tons of issues on my first playthrough, added missing animations and got further on my second playthrough, but was then unable to proceed past the dragon. Then I started over again removing a lot of mods that might conflict and managed to get all the way through the quests.
  21. Your request inspired me to add the comments for male PCs, so thanks! Sadly, I haven't yet added any fame events for male followers, but I do plan to add fame events for Faendal, and also fame comments and events for Vilkas. There are toggles in the MCM for those things, but they don't do anything yet. However, the NPC events for male PCs should all be working, and Serana and Mjoll also have a full set of comments and events for male PCs, so there's a decent amount of male PC content to play with, both for a straight and gay/bi male PC.
  22. Great! Let us know if the 2.1 voice pack works with 3.0. Or, at least with the 2.1 subset of comments.
  23. Thanks. If you could watch for any mistaken gender (or body part) references, or any SexLab animations where your (otherwise straight) male PC is put in a female position, that would be great. FYI, the male PC comments do work a little differently from the female PC comments, in that there is more effort (via conditional checks of 'Likes Men' fame) to figure out if a male PC is straight or gay/bi. That probably sounds a little sexist, but it was necessary to figure out, for example, whether a male PC with SLSF Anal fame was famous for giving or receiving. Basically, if the male PC's 'Likes Men' gets to around 25 or so in a location (it can vary), many comments (and events!) will assume the male PC is bi or gay. Of course, if a player of a male PC doesn't want to trigger forced events from other males in any case, then 'Likes Men' fame events can be toggled off completely in the MCM.
  24. You're welcome, and thanks for the feedback. I'll double-check Serana's comment frequency settings. Because playtesting thousands of (random) comments is a pain, I've had my SLSF frequency set from 70-100% (to review and check as many comments as possible), so I don't have a good sense of what's normal anymore. Just out of curiosity, because I have Serana's comments set up in stages, have you finished the main Dawnguard quest with her at this point?
  25. Great! Thanks for the confirmation. I'll leave the "Compatible with LE" flag up then.
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