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Woodfuzzy Croup Manor Bug Fixes & Clean up

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Woodfuzzy Croup Manor Bug Fixes & Clean up

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Fallout 4



Anything that edits Croup Manor


What it does:

Bug fixes:

Changes the build area a bit which in turn stops settlers from spawning in the ocean. Because we all know that "current" settlers spawn at the build/sandbox volume center.
Cleaned up and fixes Bugthesda's navmesh errors. Now, the settlers will path the entire house.


Other Tweaks:
Repaired the house, cleaned it up and added a greenhouse with a few crops along with a boat dock out back. There's a couple Bobbleheads if you can find them, & a magazine.
And before you ask, this mod doesn't break the precombines.. cause I rebuilt them. HA! ;)



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2 hours ago, gamaramdi-mx said:

Such a beautiful place and it always had a lot of troubles, keeping me from building on it, thanks! one more thing... ESL?

Thanks. No, I can't even flag it as an esl, due to the things that are edited.

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3 hours ago, jpee1965 said:

Hi! I JUST discovered and cleaned the place out for the FIRST TIME ever lol. Can I install this now (mid-game) or will my game end up dicking the dog?




It's actually best to use it on a new game or before you've discovered the place. It changes things get baked in a save, so some stuff wont work like they should.

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2 hours ago, fred200 said:

Thanks for this!


First thing I did though was wander around and disable all the ghoul corpses.


Must have been a good dozen - and made the place look really - untidy.

Your Welcome! :)

If you use Place Everywhere, hit the Inset key and you can scrap them.

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7 hours ago, izzyknows said:

Your Welcome! :)

If you use Place Everywhere, hit the Inset key and you can scrap them.


In the past, I have picked them up and dropped them in the ocean. But they come back...

Croup Manor has always been my single worst settlement for control. Always a Ghoul or Raider left, preventing workbench ownership.

I am really hopeful this mod has fixed that...

Thanks again - all looks good!


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