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Meet Anduniel a Bosmer and one a several followers from Anna's NPC. Anduniel is a very fleshed out follower with a large back story and some quests related to her. Anduniel is fully voiced by Anna Castiglioni as is all of the followers in this mod I may cover some of the others as they are quite unique. Anduniel has a lot of options for being a follower and you may choose how she fights and what style she uses magic, malee, bow ect. Anduniel is quest aware as well as location aware she has comments and interacts with some NPC as well as the other followers from this mod. Anduniel has a large section on what she can do including clothing you can choose what she wears in towns, inns, sleep, armor... and she will use this system without fault and change into clothes for that area and/or time. Anduniel has her own follower AI as well as relaxing sleeping ect. As with all custom followers use their dialog for trading, following ect other wise you will break their AI. Anduniel is a start to finish follower and will add a lot of depth to your game no matter your play style. To learn more go to the links provided and, as with all followers I cover I highly recommend this mod.







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