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I am missing textures and meshes for some items in the sexout store and game even though I have the packs installed.

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I have the strapon mod installed since my character is female as well as the sexoutsex, pressxforsex, sexoutassault, sexoutstore, and more but when the animations engage the strapons are missing. My mods list is below so if anyone could tell me why the gsband spectrum toy pack isnt working I would appreciate it. I guess I need to know how to use the strap on resources..?1633240008_Screenshot(1).png.0a14047e5235f589359dae9b55f8f935.png64090300_Screenshot(2).png.c3a9fc76fae8b0f538f6d36c76492dec.png1633240008_Screenshot(1).png.0a14047e5235f589359dae9b55f8f935.png

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OH! I saw that function in the mcm but I didnt even think about doing it that way, I asked originally because when I first started to play this game with the sexout mods it would initiate scenes with toys or the penetrator randomly and at first the penetrator worked fine but I noticed it disappeared and the icon along with it, and somehow ended up in my inventory afterward, after downloading more mods and having the body replacers updated. Ever since Ive added more the penetrator will randomly appear in mine or the other actors inventory with no Icon and no functioning textures occasionally. I thought maybe certain scenes would trigger and make it work, like going through the toys dialogue and stuff, but theres nothing there even when the action starts. I also have sexout store installed and a good deal of the toy packs within the first vendors to your left upon entering is showing no icons and the toys wont show up. All toys that were supposed to be in the spectrum pack, hence why I asked prior. Keeping the ones that do work on and turning off clothes removal for my player isnt a bad work around for some of it though since I do have a couple items that worked for some reason.

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