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  1. I actually figured out what my issue was. I kinda used the sexoutrapist mod to assault keely just prior to going off to do the mission but what I didnt realize was that the token the mod puts in to tag her as an actor was still equipped to her and I have seen it before where npcs kinda bug out if I use the rapist mod to assault them and the token remains. I did it to ghost once too, the sniper chick on the roof above where you find Cass, and I noticed when I left that area and returned that she was up in the air stretching and flipping around like a tentacle monster before she blipped out and disappeared completely from my game, as i wasnt able to go into her inventory and remove the token, but it turns out keely had a token too and for some reason, I guess because she was the quest giver, the game must have loaded her once the quest updated to return to her, she spams out and the game crashes. The bad part is after using the rape command the npcs will run from you briefly so it is hard to check if those tokens are in their inventory or not. I was able to return to her via an old save and remove the token and that stopped my crashing once I went and detonated the pipe. So yeah, the sexoutrape mod adds tokens to npcs after blitz assaulting them through the sneak menu and those can apparently cause issues if you dont remove them. Literally everytime Ive used that blitz sneak menu 4/5 times it leaves a token. It was a straight up crash though, just a slight freeze then black screen and back to desktop.
  2. OH! I saw that function in the mcm but I didnt even think about doing it that way, I asked originally because when I first started to play this game with the sexout mods it would initiate scenes with toys or the penetrator randomly and at first the penetrator worked fine but I noticed it disappeared and the icon along with it, and somehow ended up in my inventory afterward, after downloading more mods and having the body replacers updated. Ever since Ive added more the penetrator will randomly appear in mine or the other actors inventory with no Icon and no functioning textures occasionally. I thought maybe certain scenes would trigger and make it work, like going through the toys dialogue and stuff, but theres nothing there even when the action starts. I also have sexout store installed and a good deal of the toy packs within the first vendors to your left upon entering is showing no icons and the toys wont show up. All toys that were supposed to be in the spectrum pack, hence why I asked prior. Keeping the ones that do work on and turning off clothes removal for my player isnt a bad work around for some of it though since I do have a couple items that worked for some reason.
  3. Nice, Ill have to check those out though I do have sexout sex installed already but not the sound one.
  4. I noticed myself while playing but I did see that some dogs like Rex will activate actual scenes with a working penis and all however it seems to be only for females as you stated which kinda sucks tbh, I dont get why someone would make a mod to have human females fucking dogs and bighorns, yup they have a animation and penis too, but not have it the other way around, male on female animals... I mean, overthinking it I guess the female can consent to it if she is human but not if it is a female animal?... Still a little silly though as most of the animations in place would make it a working scene already, but I guess no one wanted to go that far.. I am honestly new to modding and this is a decade old game now but I might give it a shot and see what I can do.
  5. I have the strapon mod installed since my character is female as well as the sexoutsex, pressxforsex, sexoutassault, sexoutstore, and more but when the animations engage the strapons are missing. My mods list is below so if anyone could tell me why the gsband spectrum toy pack isnt working I would appreciate it. I guess I need to know how to use the strap on resources..?
  6. Are you using the NVSE launcher to start your game? If I try to launch the game normally my game crashes with all the mods too but using the nvse launcher makes it work like a charm.
  7. Right so I am doing the quest in Vault 22 that you get from the NCR scientist. I found keely and she asks me to ignite the pipes or whatever but right after shooting it and the explosion happens, it crashes a few seconds later. The explosion animation plays and I get the updated quest marker to return to keely but everytime it crashes a few seconds later. I am honestly very new to modding and have several mods equipped, about 36 of them actually, but they are all sexout and or outfit / body replacers related. I made a topic about some issues I noticed prior today but none of those were game breaking like this crashing one is. I have FNVedit and have opened it up to check for errors and it turns out I have about 700 errors going on with 246 of them specifically coming from one mod. It only has 249 files but 246 of them are errors and the source of that is a mod called "Outfit conversions for t6mt6bbtm". Other than that the other error codes all pop under the FalloutNV.esm where out 465017 files checked 767 of them return as errors and from the text tree it appears most are conversation and dialogue related. There is also about 80 errors under the dead money dlc and a couple other dlcs as well but is any of that what is causing my game to crash inside Vault 22? I am currently reading the fnvedit tutorial to see how to use it properly and attmept to resolve whatever issues I am facing but the strange part is I have already completed all the dlc in game aside from lonesome road, so whatever the errors for under the dlcs werent enough to cause crashes. I just really dont know where to look to see what is causing the crashes in vault 22.... I also do have NVAC installed as well as the 4gb patcher for it and it is still crashing. I know this is a lot of rambling but any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, I have this downloaded and activated through fomm but the container under the gas station that is supposed to hold the items is missing? Likewise I have the sexoutstore installed but when I get there there are only a couple things in the store menus that are actually present, it is mostly no icons and such and Im not really sure why it doesnt seem to be working?
  9. I really dig the sexout mods but I have noticed the sounds and dialogues seem a little.... repetitive.. Are there any mods that add more sex sounds to the game as well as more diverse dialogue options to engage the sexout animations?
  10. I know, I know, disgusting, but seriously? I have seen the kennel mods and such but they all seem to be geared toward female player characters and npcs getting fucked by dogs or whatever. None of them seem to show the opposite and I am just curious as to why that is? I would like a mod that allows male characters to fuck pretty much anything. Male and female dogs et cetera. I mention this because I have the x for sex mod active and while it does work on at least a fireant, I tried it, sunnys dog cheyenne the button wouldnt activate on, and since when the fireant animations did kick in it had my character assume the female animations, taking it, while the fire ant just kinda stood there over my character, and it led me to wonder if the reason it didnt work with Cheyenne is because we both are listed in game files as females and that was why? I havent tested it yet but I am pretty sure the animations will work with a male dog and my character but not the other way around?
  11. Over the past few days I have downloaded several sexout mods for new vegas and while all of them do work, I've noticed a couple odd features in game now that arent game breaking or anything but bring a few questions to mind nonetheless. I am very new to mods and pc gaming in general and have pretty much followed the installation guides and references to get all this working, and in the process have learned quite a bit about modding, which I appreciate a lot, but basically in game I have seen some issues when the sexout is active versus when it isnt. For example I have the BNB breasts, big bouncing breasts enabled, and though the npcs do have big breasts they dont actually bounce on top of when the sexout is activated the models revert to a smaller breast form for animations. When it ends it goes back to the big breasted body and outfit. Likewise, during the animations I used to see a lot of jiggle on the breasts pretty much right up until I installed the bigger bouncing breasts and now they are rather devoid of jiggling animations. Anyone know whats causing this? Also during the animations the strap on set and toys pack rarely shows up so that my female character is thrusting away with nothing there. Well, i am also using some Kendos sissy packs so there is something there but those skins dont offer erections in game, it does have erect bodysuits offered as a clothing garment but the sexout processes remove the suits at start so, but nonetheless it says the penetrator is equipped when i start those scenes and the penetrator has showed up maybe all of once and after has not appeared ever again despite the in game messages saying it has been equipped and dequipped. I do know I can change the body types through MCM menu and have tried to change the settings around between the different body types but honestly none of it seems to make a difference. The Big bouncing breasts only seem to work when characters are wearing certain outfits and the moment I change the outfits, I have the mod enabled to allow that, they revert to smaller breasted versions no matter the body type I am using. When I first started adding mods though there used to be lots of bouncing and jiggling during the animated sex scenes but ever since I added the bigger breasts and the compatability skeleton, they really dont jiggle anymore. None of this is really game breaking for me just curious as to why it happened. Anyway, heres the copy of my mods lists in two files as I have a lot of them active lol
  12. I figured it out, I had the newest NVSE yes, but it wasnt appearing in the FMM and I realized I had to manually install it to both the directory and data folders then proceed to unpack it with FMM package manager. Got it working now but thanks for offering help.
  13. as the last poster mentioned this is the case. I had the same issue and finally after two days of confusion I realized that the updated nvse version wasnt listen in the Fallout mod manager. You need to install the nvse manually to your directory as well as to your data files then run the FMM and use the package manager to install it as well or else even though it is installed manually the game wont register it without the FMM having it inside its mod list.
  14. I have been downloading, reading text files, sorting, and trying to get these mods to work for almost four hours now. Finally about have it sorted and can launch the game but when I get in game and the files load I get an error message about my JIP ln nsve being outdated and version one ingame. It asks me to download newer version, yet, I have downloaded the JIP from nexus, the 56. whatever one, and added it to the game through the Fallout Mod manager but I still get the same error message in game right at start. Do I need to delete the old file for it to work? In the fmm it says both jlp ln nvse are version 1.0 and the game is reading that despite the file being the latest version.
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