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Some questions about sexout mods and New Vegas

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Over the past few days I have downloaded several sexout mods for new vegas and while all of them do work, I've noticed a couple odd features in game now that arent game breaking or anything but bring a few questions to mind nonetheless. I am very new to mods and pc gaming in general and have pretty much followed the installation guides and references to get all this working, and in the process have learned quite a bit about modding, which I appreciate a lot, but basically in game I have seen some issues when the sexout is active versus when it isnt. For example I have the BNB breasts, big bouncing breasts enabled, and though the npcs do have big breasts they dont actually bounce on top of when the sexout is activated the models revert to a smaller breast form for animations. When it ends it goes back to the big breasted body and outfit. Likewise, during the animations I used to see a lot of jiggle on the breasts pretty much right up until I installed the bigger bouncing breasts and now they are rather devoid of jiggling animations. Anyone know whats causing this? Also during the animations the strap on set and toys pack rarely shows up so that my female character is thrusting away with nothing there. Well, i am also using some Kendos sissy packs so there is something there but those skins dont offer erections in game, it does have erect bodysuits offered as a clothing garment but the sexout processes remove the suits at start so, but nonetheless it says the penetrator is equipped when i start those scenes and the penetrator has showed up maybe all of once and after has not appeared ever again despite the in game messages saying it has been equipped and dequipped. I do know I can change the body types through MCM menu and have tried to change the settings around between the different body types but honestly none of it seems to make a difference. The Big bouncing breasts only seem to work when characters are wearing certain outfits and the moment I change the outfits, I have the mod enabled to allow that, they revert to smaller breasted versions no matter the body type I am using. When I first started adding mods though there used to be lots of bouncing and jiggling during the animated sex scenes but ever since I added the bigger breasts and the compatability skeleton, they really dont jiggle anymore. None of this is really game breaking for me just curious as to why it happened. Anyway, heres the copy of my mods lists in two files as I have a lot of them active lol

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

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I don't know much about the sissy-race stuff, but you could try https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68776

This might be able to fix the bouncing.


as for bodies being used and clothing etc. in the Fallout3/NV engine all outfits have a pre-included body, so even if your nude body is well endowed, if the outfit has small breasts, you'll get small breasts when wearing that outfit.


Lastly about the strap ons: I have seen reports of these. I think it is a known error.

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