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Compiliing, speak to me like i'm 5

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Can anyone direct me to an updated, simple guide on how to turn a psc in to pex.

CK is fixed, scripts updated.

Ck wont find my psc   (yes its in the right place i've tryed about 5 diffrerent locations from different threads)

Pca won't find papyrus compiler (yes the path is correct)

Notepad ++ gives shell code error 2 (10,0000,00,000,0000 unrelated search results and 10 years of bullshit wrong information)

command line exe  runs with the correct file paths and flags but gives no output.


Anyone tell me how to compile a pex from psc, should not be this fucking difficult.



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Hah, compiling your first script? Took me some hours to find all the hidden things you need to know/find/unpack.


Quote from Nexus:

Make sure that Skyrim\TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg is present. If you don't have it, search your drive for it. if still not found, simply create one, since it's just a short text file:



Format is as follows (whitespace is completely ignored, index must be between 0 and 31 inclusive):
Flag <name> <index> // flag is allowed on all types
Flag <name> <index> { <list of script, property, variable, or function> } // flag is allowed only on the specified types
// List of flags for TESV - DO NOT EDIT
// Flag hides the script or property from the game editor
Flag Hidden 0
// Flag on an object designates it as the script the condition system will look at
// Flag on a variable allows the script variable to be examined by the condition system
Flag Conditional 1


And then there's a file scripts.rar in skyrim/data which needs to be unpacked. Be careful if you're unpacking this in a working, modded Skyrim Data folder - make sure not to overwrite the things that are there - the contents of that archive is most probably outdated (and not modded!!)


Those were the two things that I missed on reading the CK wiki.





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1) Start the CK (you don't even have to load a mod)

2) Gameplay -> Papyrus Script Manager (do NOT ever click "Compile Papyrus Scripts...", that will try to compile all scripts in your source folder and most likely crash the CK)

3) Filter by your scripts name

4) Right click your script -> Compile

If the window closes automatically everything went well. If not there will be error messages. Just google the top one, fix it and repeat until it works. Also if you installed the CK after SKSE rerun the SKSE installer, as the CK overwrites the SKSE source scripts upon installation.

Sometimes when you create a new script you have to restart the CK before it can find it, because apparently it only loads the list into the cache once.

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So is it data/source/scripts

or data /scripts/ source or data/source/user

because ck stilll cant find the script

it shoes in the window but cant find to open

i've been trying different combinations all day

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11 minutes ago, nemocdt said:

So is it data/source/scripts

or data /scripts/ source or data/source/user


This folder should already exist and there should be a lot of files in it. Also you wrote yours with a space in front of the source, not sure if that typo was just here on LL or also in your folder structure, because that could explain why it didn't work.

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