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Vampire Configuarion Menu

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Vampire Configuarion Menu

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Gives you the freedom of configuring the powers of vampirism without completely overhauling how vampires work.



Adds an MCM where all of the powers of vampirism are listed, so you can configure for each power individually how you want it to scale with the vampirism stages. By default this behaves exactly like vanilla vampires. I know there already are Vampire Inverter mods out there, but they weren't fully to my liking so I wrote one that is more individually configurable.


Scaling Abilities

Scaling abilities are the ones who's power is depending on your current vampirism stage, these have the following options:
Disabled - Removes this ability entirely.

Increasing - You start with the weakest version at stage one and the power increases with every stage. This is the vanilla behavior.

Decreasing - You start with the strongest version at stage one the power decreases with every stage.

Always Low - You always have the weakest version of this ability.

Always High - You always have the strongest version of this ability.

Note that weak and strong are referring to the numerical values, so for weakness to fire and sun damage the strongest version is the one that gives the biggest penalty.


Static Abilities

Static abilities are the ones that always have the same power, but some of them you only have at certain vampirism stages, these have the following options:

Never - Removes this ability entirely

Always - You always have this ability. This is the vanilla behavior for most static abilities.

Gain at stage X - You only have this ability at stage X or higher. This is the vanilla behavior for Vampire's Seduction and Embrace of Shadows with stages two and four respectively.

Loose at stage X - You only have this ability at stage X or lower.


Vampiric Strength and Dread Cloak

Vampiric Strength and Dread Cloak are two abilities that were coded in the base game, but then disabled in the script. Vampiric Strength gives you five to twenty unarmed damage depending on your current stage and Dread Cloak is a daily power that gives a Frost Cloak (similar to the Dark Elves racial power that gives a Flame Cloak) that you were supposed to gain at stage three. I've added these powers to the configuration menu, but they are disabled by default.


Stage Progression Time

This feature lets you configure how long it takes for vampirism to progress to the next stage.


Blood Addiction

This is a new feature that reduces your stage progression time if you drink blood too often. It works with an addiction level, that increases whenever you drink blood while still in stage two or lower, and reduces when you wait until stage four before drinking again. These stages can be changed with the Addiction Stage and Dediction Stage settings, respectively. For every level of addiction the stage progression time gets reduced by the Addiction Interval (default a quarter of a day), but never goes lower than the Minimum Time (also default a quarter of a day). So in other words the more blood you drink the thirstier you get for it. This feature is disabled by default.




Dawnguard, as most people should have it by now and I was too lazy to write the scripts twice.

RaceCompatibility, as otherwise vampires wouldn't work for custom races, so you should already be using it anyways.

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    Dawnguard, RaceCompatibility
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