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So...this is a thing

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You have left out alot of important info.Is it only related to Sophie? What is your load order? Did you double check your body and physics setup? Why do people park on driveways and drive on parkways??Why is this posted in Downloads and not the troubleshooting forum?

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I kind of had a similar issue but with my own character.  Turns out I had a body replacer mod that applied a wrong body (UUNP) to most races (should have been BHUNP).  Maybe you  also have such a mod and you forgot about it ?


(Btw, wrong forum)

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1) as noted by CPU, you should make sure you have the most current XMPSSE skeleton installed

2) presuming you're using SMP, make sure you have HDT SMP installed

3) presuming again that your body type is CBBE-3BBB or BHUNP, make sure CBPC is properly installed.
Note: Sinful CBP as an option for in-game CBPC performance adjustments

4) Also make sure if you're using CBBE-3BBB that CBBE is installed

5) make sure to build your body in bodyslide (even if you're going to use racemenu or ECE later), and make sure it's built using your chosen body-physics model body/outfit and a corresponding body-physics model-compliant preset. Also make sure to check the "build morphs" checkbox if you intend to modify your body with racemenu in-game later on.

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