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I've written yet another mod manager. It's a semi-automated manual install, only proved working on my OS: Linux. I wrote it because neither Mod Organizer 2 nor Vortex worked. My tool abuses git for the module change management. The wrapper script [0] is in bash, but xml parsing proved too painful. I rewrote the FOModXML parser [1] in Rust.


FOModXML enables making choices using imgui. I took particular care to follow the FOMod specs. It seems to handle dependencies well. FOModXML is somewhat stand-alone and should hopefully be platform independent. However, it only lists  the files to transfer and requires a ModConfig.xml. For other platforms a different wrapper may be required, also because many modules lack the ModConfig.xml.


The wrapper script also solves case insensitivity issues on Linux. The Readme on the modf4f is more elaborate.


A caveat for FOModXML:

There is no Inactive file state check. I haven't found out how that should be done. If you do know, let me know. However, the Active file check works, and so does the isMissing state. In any module I've encountered so far, these two checks were sufficient.

The code is GPL v3, so feel free to implement the code, but then keep it open source and share your code back.


[0] https://github.com/picobyte/mod4f4
[1] https://sr.ht/~rjck/FOModXML/
https://i.imgur.com/YjWDciol.png (screenshot - not sure why it doesn't allow me to insert the url)

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Yes, thanks, I've come across it. I had trouble with the python version, it is still written for 2.7 and my distribution arch-linux moved on to 3. There are still packages but it's less trivial and of course pip2 can be used, but some of the ones listed in requirements,txt seemed windows specific, and I gave up on it. Maybe I should have spent a bit more time in it though. Do you run it through wine?

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Listed below were the bash commands I used to get a reasonably working CBBE/bodytalk version, concerning AAF, mostly. There are some flaws still, most notably a penis bug, and although AAF seems to work I suspect some animations are not shown and sometimes after an AAF violate I seem to get stuck, which I can only bypass via the MCM debug AAF all violations reset. This was largely based on the AAF manual, and the guides in any mod listed. Thanks for all the documentation.
To be honest this took me about two weeks, but then I had to write all the code as well.

Obviously not all mods are appropriate for anyone, and some luckily do not reflect real life.

Please check that commits place files in the right directory, for most it's the Data/ directory but there are a few exceptions: F4SE, buffout and a few mods thereafter. If things go wrong then this is progressive, so be warned to check. Also check AAF is working after #12 (from the AAF guide)


Also see the readme in https://github.com/picobyte/mod4f4 and https://sr.ht/~rjck/FOModXML/




ln -s -T "$path_to_somewhere/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/My Games/Fallout4" ini
# setup the repository there and manage (not fully covered in this document)

# link the fallout 4 directory.
ln -s -T "$path_to_somewhere_else/Fallout 4" f4

ln -s -T "$path_to_your_donwload_folder" dnld
# any package requires downloading it. Most can be found on LoversLab or nexus.

# Note: changes file permissions, adds .git and .gitignore in your 'Fallout 4' folder.
./mod4f4 --init

./mod4f4 --gatk&


Following the great fucking and/or fine AAF manual, steps 1 to 11.




### #1 F4SE
./mod4f4 --dest-base="" \
        --message="Name: Fallout 4 Script Extender
Author: ianpatt, behippo, plb
Version: 0.6.21
Website: https://f4se.silverlock.org/" dnld/f4se_*.7z --exclude f4se_whatsnew.txt --exclude f4se_readme.txt

# modifying the steam launcher (suggested somewhere on reddit) does not make f4se work. Settings in the main menu
# should list a f4se version, or it isn't working. From: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682660057
if [ -n "$(exiftool Fallout4.exe | egrep -i '(Bethesda Softworks|ZeniMax Media Incorporated)')" ]; then
  mv Fallout4.exe F4.exe
  cp f4se_loader.exe Fallout4.exe
[ -e F4.exe ] && [ -n "$(cmp f4se_loader.exe Fallout4.exe)" ] && cp f4se_loader.exe Fallout4.exe

echo -e -n "[Loader]\n\rRuntimeName=F4.exe\n\r" > Data/F4SE/f4se.ini

./mod4f4 dnld/Unofficial\ Fallout\ 4\ Patch-4598-2-1-3-1622921619.7z

### #2 BodySlide [19-01-2021]
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/Tools/" 'dnld/BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.4.1-25-5-4-1-1627325008.7z'

#### #3 Looksmenu [04-11-2020] prereq: F4SE, XXX this version for AAF!
./mod4f4 dnld/LooksMenu\ v1-6-18-12631-1-6-18-1575863217.7z
./mod4f4 dnld/Looks\ Menu\ Customization\ Compendium-24830-v10.rar

./mod4f4 dnld/BodyTalk3.15.7z

./mod4f4 "dnld/Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - v2.6.3-15-2-6-3-1587299180.7z"

./mod4f4 --message="Name: ZaZ -Extended-Skeleton (ZeX)
Author: ZaZ
Version: 4.0
Website: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36702" 'dnld/ZaZ - Extended Skeleton-36702-4-0-1606282622.7z'

#7 (Buffout+ prereqs)
# No prereqs
./mod4f4 dnld/'Addres Library-47327-1-10-163-0-1599728753.zip'

# requires VC 2015, 2017, 2019
sed -i 's/oadMethod Name="OnProcessAttach"/oadMethod Name="OnThreadAttach"/' xSE\ PluginPreloader\ F4\ 0.2.4-33946-0-2-4-1606749072/xSE\ PluginPreloader.xml
# ammend commit
./mod4f4 --dest-base="" dnld/'xSE PluginPreloader F4 0.2.4-33946-0-2-4-1606749072.zip'

# TBB Redistributables
./mod4f4 --dest-base="" dnld/TBB\ Redistributables-47359-2020-3-1601257681.zip

# PluginPreloader
./mod4f4 dnld/'Buffout 4-47359-1-23-1-1623356612.zip'

#8 ZaZOut4
./mod4f4 ./dnld/ZaZOut4\ V0.0.3.1\ Beta.7z

#9 ### TortureDevices [16-11-17] (no prereqs)
./mod4f4 dnld/TortureDevices*.7z

./mod4f4 dnld/Vioxsis\'\ Strap-On\'s\ of\ Fallout\ 4.7z

#11. prereq: Looksmenu, F4SE, support for UniquePlayer # requires at least one pack
./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF_V164-0_beta.7z"

# fix a file referenced in AAF with incorrect case
sed -i 's/DLCWorkshop01.esm/DLCworkshop01.esm/g' f4/Data/AAF/AAF_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml



Slight variation from AAF manual, before step 12, some might be required, not sure, some by choice.




### Mod Configuration Menu [07-12-2019] prereq: F4SE
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" dnld/"Mod Configuration Menu "*.zip

#### AWKCR [05-01-2020]
./mod4f4 dnld/"Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v"*.rar

./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" dnld/OCBPC-0.3-ZeX4.zip
#./mod4f4 --dest-base="" dnld/OCBPC-0.3-CBBE.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/"MTM 3B OCBP - OCBPC Physics and Collision Preset - Beta-39195-3-0Beta-1611637094.7z"

# fix two files incorrectly referenced
sed -i 's/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkshop01.xml/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml/g' f4/Data/AAF/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml
sed -i 's/DLCWorkshop01.esm/DLCworkshop01.esm/g' f4/Data/AAF/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml

### CRX [06-09-2018] - MCM
./mod4f4 dnld/CRX-*.rar
./mod4f4 dnld/2k\ \(MYBed\)\ Lovers\ Luxury\ Bed\ -\ the\ LADY\ KILLER-7400-v0-3.7z

#### MCM, ZaZ, has AAF support
./mod4f4 dnld/FO4HHS-39850-1-7-0-1604095653.zip
./mod4f4 "dnld/HHFootsteps1.1.rar"

./mod4f4 "dnld/FPE_Interface_Script_2.610.7z"

#### Devious_Devices [10-06-2018] prereq: CBBE, BodySlide Armor Keyword Resource, Torture Devices
./mod4f4 dnld/"Devious Devices 2.0.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/Servitron - BodySlide Files-32801-1-1-0.7z"

#12 devious devices is needed before this
./mod4f4 dnld/AAF_VanillaKinkyCreatureAnimations_Themes_V210326.0.7z

# fix two files incorrectly referenced
sed -i 's/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkshop01.xml/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml/g' f4/Data/AAF/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml
sed -i 's/DLCWorkshop01.esm/DLCworkshop01.esm/g' f4/Data/AAF/Theme_Animations_raceData_DLCWorkShop01.xml

# include at least one animation for AAF testing
./mod4f4 dnld/LazmansPoses-41047--6-1567924319.7z



Before this step, make sure AAF is working. See the startup messages a few seconds after character creation, and make sure the Home button works.
Including some more alternative packages, but also following steps 12 to 28 from the AAF guide. Also it is good practice to test this again after a several amount of patches. It is advisable to tag commits with working AAF.




./mod4f4 "dnld/Release_BadEnd_v01_05.zip" --exclude Readme_v01_0.txt

# case sensitivity fix
sed -i 's/BadEnd_positionData.xml/BadEnd_PositionData.xml/g' f4/Data/AAF/BadEnd_PositionData.xml
sed -i 's/BadEnd_animationData.xml/BadEnd_AnimationData.xml/g' f4/Data/AAF/BadEnd_AnimationData.xml

sed -i 's/BadEnd_animationGroupData.xml/BadEnd_AnimationGroupData.xml/g' \
f4/Data/AAF/BadEnd_AnimationGroupData.xml \

./mod4f4 "dnld/Release_50Shades_v01_05.zip" --exclude Readme_v01_0.txt --exclude=Screenshots/
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" "dnld/FARELLE_ANIM_MOD_DEV_0.1.2.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/FO4_AnimationsByLeito_v2.0a.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/Vadermania[AAF].rar"
#yes these are ok.
./mod4f4 '/Four-Play Animations by Crazy 1.3.7z'
./mod4f4 "dnld/Crazy_Animations (Mod Manager Gun Version) - 2-11-17.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/(Optional) Bed Handjob alt. - Legs Crossed.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/Crazy_Animations (Rug Version) - v2.7.7z"

./mod4f4 dnld/Ponytail\ Hairstyles\ by\ Azar\ v2_5a\ -\ BA2\ version-8126-2-5a.zip
./mod4f4 dnld/Workshop\ Framework-35004-2-0-15a-1623387535.7z

./mod4f4  --dest-base="Data/" "dnld/Release_CreaturePack_v03_01.zip" --exclude=Screenshots/ --exclude=Screens/ --exclude "Readme_*"

./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" "dnld/Release_CreaturePackDLC_v01.zip" --exclude=Screens/
./mod4f4 "dnld/Release_NSFWsoundpack_03_01.zip"

./mod4f4 "dnld/Devious Devices Slave Heels Fusion Girl 1.6.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/Atomic Lust-31853-2-6-1b-1567292472.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/Mutated Lust v1.3.zip"

./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" ./dnld/Prisoner\ Shackles\ 4.0-18436-4-0.zip # f4/Meshes
./mod4f4 "dnld/SavageCabbages Animation Pack V1.2.6.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/bp70FO4sexanimations_2.7.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/BraveAnims" #

./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF_SEU_V1.10.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF_SEU_XML_Addon V1.10.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF_FamilyPlanningEnhanced_3.50_Beta.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/FPESuperMutantAddon.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/FPEDogAddon.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/RSEII_CSA(v3.1).zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/RSE_II_Resources_ESM (v1.0).zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/RSE_II_AbductionsAddonPack.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/RSEII_RandomShenanigans(v2.0).zip"

./mod4f4 dnld/Knockout\ Framework\ -\ Latest\ Version-27086-1-3-11-1577016078.zip
./mod4f4 dnld/Non-lethal-Armory_1.1.0.zip-27162-1-1-0.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/CaptiveTattoos3.0.2.7z

./mod4f4 "dnld/Plastic_surgery_bodyslide_preset-33557-1-1.rar"
./mod4f4 "dnld/Hmm What To Wear CBBE Bodyslide 0.40-10232-0-4.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/Becky CBBE BodySlide Preset-46325-1-0-1594905950.7z"

### Deviously_Cursed_Wasteland [22-11-2019] Devious Devices
./mod4f4 dnld/"Deviously Cursed Wasteland"*.7z

### Devious Merchants [07-07-2017] prereq: Devious Devices
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" dnld/Devious_Merchants__1_0.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/dcc-potc-duster-alt-tex.zip
./mod4f4 dnld/dcc-potc-v112-slot58.zip
./mod4f4 dnld/dcc-bp-lol-navi-v2-slot58.zip
./mod4f4 'dnld/PotC_DD.7z'

./mod4f4 dnld/LLFP-v41-20210601.7z

./mod4f4 'dnld/Devious Devices Face Morphs 0.2.7z'

### Fallout 4 : Slavery System [07-08-2017]
./mod4f4 dnld/F4SS\ v0.9b.rar

### Devious Settlement Boss - [09-01-2018] prereq: Devious Devices
#./mod4f4 dnld/DeviousSettlementBossv*.zip

./mod4f4 "dnld/Rogg DD Items Manager v1.0.3.zip"

./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" "dnld/HARDSHIP_1.5.9K.7z"

./mod4f4 "dnld/HUDFramework 1.0f-20309-1-0f.zip"
./mod4f4 --dest-base="" "dnld/SexAttributes2.5.1.zip"

./mod4f4 --dest-base="" dnld/CombatStripLite1.5.0.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/Extended\ Dialogue\ Interface\ 1.3.6-27216-1-3-6-1575706721.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/tim\
./mod4f4 dnld/Rename\ Anything\ 2.6.12-22105-2-6-12-1576067670.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/JustBusiness_0.7.5.rar
./mod4f4 ./dnld/RealHandcuffs.
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" dnld/lePiercings/lePiercings_v0.4.7z
./mod4f4 dnld/lePiercings\ Bodyslide*.7z
./mod4f4 dnld/lePiercings\ CBBE*.7z

./mod4f4 ./dnld/Fusion\ City\ Rising\ v.1.0-16423-1-0.rar

./mod4f4 ./dnld/BAE\ v0.11-78-0-11-1541070494.7z

./mod4f4 ./dnld/Fusion\ City\ Rising\ v.1.0-16423-1-0.rar
./mod4f4 dnld/Horizon\ -\ Contraptions\ Workshop.7z-27774-0-0-2.7z

./mod4f4 dnld/AbductionLite\ 0.20.1.zip

./mod4f4 dnld/'Hot and Horny Wastelands - Paintings by InCase-33914-1-2.rar'
./mod4f4 dnld/'Hot and Horny Wastelands - Posters by TheKite-35857-1-0-1541977461.rar'
./mod4f4 --dest-base="Data/" dnld/'Erotic Art 1K-44748-3-0-2-1606527089.7z'
./mod4f4 dnld/'Hot and Horny Wastelands - Billboards by Hizzacked-34174-1-1.rar'
./mod4f4 dnld/'H2 Wastelands - Magazines-33441-1-4.rar'

./mod4f4 dnld/AAF\ Spectators\ v1.3.7z
./mod4f4 'dnld/Whistle Sound Replacer.7z'

./mod4f4 dnld/Nightstrikers\ 3.1\ Update-23004-3-1-1590539111.7z
./mod4f4 dnld/'FCOM 3.11-14946-3-11-1591333206.rar'

./mod4f4 "dnld/Wasteland Dairy Framework v2.50Beta.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/AnimationsAddonsAndFixes9.5.zip"
./mod4f4 "dnld/SexHarassment1.10.1.zip"
./mod4f4 --dest-base="" "dnld/TattooAfterRape1.1.1.zip"

# case sensitivity fix
sed -i 's/cum_overlaysData.xml/cum_overlaysdata.xml/g' \
f4/Data/AAF/tattoo_after_rape_gunner_overlaysdata.xml \
f4/Data/AAF/tattoo_after_rape_overlaysdata.xml \

./mod4f4 "dnld/InoueKinkyKollars.rar"

./mod4f4 dnld/AAF_AutonomyEnhanced_v2.60.7z

./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF_Violate_V1.54 FOMOD.7z"
./mod4f4 "dnld/AAF Violate Purgatory 1.01.7z"

./mod4f4 'dnld/HotC SE - v.0.95d-22074-0-95d.rar'
./mod4f4 'dnld/AA Fusion City Rising - HotC - Bodyslide-41129-0-99-1568451296.rar'
./mod4f4 dnld/Human\ Resources\ 8a.zip
mkdir 'Human Resources 8a/screens'
cp ~/dnld/archives/market1.png.640786320d8f8cdf38903cb0268dbf8e.png 'Human Resources 8a/screens/sc20.png'

./mod4f4 ./dnld/'B. Commonwealth Shorts CBBE-7898-2-0.7z'
./mod4f4 "dnld/slootyVaultSuit_bodyslide.v1.3.7z"

# this mod does not seem to work
#./mod4f4 "dnld/Raider Pet v1_4 Localized.7z"

# make sure that AAF works here (messages on start and home button work)

# probably fixed, but the modconfig.xml referenced a folder '60 Addons/20 Extras/050 AJs_Various_XMLs' that didn't exist.
# in previous version the directory was empty. Adding an empty directory fixes this.
./mod4f4 dnld/1390257733_UAPv2.6.32_FIX.7z
# I had a problem with AAF, gettin stuck at 68% and no functioning Home button.
# Deselecting the option on the first page, Leito's and 50 shades anim, male & female moans, AAF still works.

# Also run bodyslide , batch build all, and commit the



Edited by picobyte
more fixes for AAF xmls incorrectly referencing files
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