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Script fragment attached, need one line. Getting SLAdventures to recognise cum from SL Advanced Cum Stages, ESMify and patch

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So SL Adventures uses the below script in PlayerArousalScanner to calculate cumstacks on the player, it then references custacks to do things like apply affects from being covered or from being covered being a crime



Int Function CountCumStacks(Actor akActor)

    SexLabFramework Sexlab = SLAdventures_ScriptInstances.GetSexlabInstance()
    Int iCumStacks
    iCumStacks += Sexlab.CountCum(akActor, False, True, False)
    If (bFaceCumCountsDouble == True)
        iCumStacks *= 2
    If (bCountVaginalAnalNaked == True)
        If (SC.CheckNaked(MCM.iNakedRule, none, False) == True)
            iCumStacks += Sexlab.CountCum(akActor, True, False, True)
        iCumStacks += Sexlab.CountCum(akActor, True, False, True)
    return iCumStacks



So I want to reroute this, specifically line three, to pick up the result of this function from SLACS_library:



int function CountCum(Actor TargetRef, bool vaginal=TRUE, bool oral=TRUE, bool anal=TRUE)
    int c = 0
    if (vaginal)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_VaginalCum1) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_VaginalCum2) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_VaginalCum3) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_VaginalCum4) as int)
    if (oral)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_OralCum1) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_OralCum2) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_OralCum3) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_OralCum4) as int)
    if (anal)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_AnalCum1) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_AnalCum2) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_AnalCum3) as int)
        c += (TargetRef.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword(SLACS_AnalCum4) as int)
    return c



SLACS_library extends form, and is attached to a quest. The only way I've been able to get it to compile is to replace


"SexLabFramework Sexlab = SLAdventures_ScriptInstances.GetSexlabInstance()"



"SexLabFramework Sexlab = Game.GetFormFromFile (0x5557[the form of the quest], "SLACS.esp") as SexlabFramework"



The way I've been doing this is to esmify SLACS or create a patch mod with SLAdventures and SLACS as masters. But in-game  SLAdventures does not detect the SLACS layers.


Can anyone help me out with the redirect?


Also, I know the mod author of SLACS provided compatibility with SL Adventures, but I can't see how it works / where it works.

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