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Will the real Clara come back, and the story (comics - episode 3) continue?

Clara Cox

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Hello everyone. An accident occurred and all my files were deleted. I want to make a Clara Cox model (profile picture) that I had. I installed VX from this site. However when I got into the Addon folder, there was nothing. I used to have Custom.Body.Clara_Cox in the addon folder. I don't have it now. I would like to make it again but I have no files. I have a problem how to find the necessary files for the Addon folder. I need to make the Clara Cox model the same as in the picture.

I made an approximate model using an in-game slider and a facemate. But that's not it. I know earlier that there was some face file. Person Shared ... and something else in the name. For a female model. I think number 3 was the same in the name. When I didn’t have that file in the folder the model looked different and that wasn’t it. I need that file and Custom. Body ... or! 000.Custom.Body ... or something it was called. When I put body addons in the addon folder, they will not be loaded into the body tab. It was all on Modsgarden, but I can't find those files here. Maybe someone can send me their Addon folder which is full of the necessary things to make a model. I will also put my earlier Logs from the game.




I would love to do episode 3 but without the same model, I can’t.


If anyone would like maybe they could help me make a Clara Cox model like in the picture. I would give him the pictures I used and the approximate model I made.


Without Person Shared 3. txxx and ! 000.Custom.Bodies.txxx I can't go on.?


I'll put in the model I'm working on to get old Clara. If anyone wants to help me, I would be very grateful. It’s important to get the same face. It will be easier for the body.





Also, for facemates, I used pictures of Clara Ravens.


Thank you for any help.





Current Clara Cox.7z

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Help, to keep the story going.
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11 hours ago, kukuev said:

Can you publish textures and addons for your model?

OK. I have this for now. Hair and three bodies. One usually and two in training. I use them when Clara is in action or the gym.


I don't have skin and I don't found it yet. I know Clara had skin on picture) something like skin .... 4 (folder for texture). I don't know the exact name that was for the folder in Active Mod.


Also, I downloaded TK17.7.5V and there was a GEFemaleHead_Type-A folder. There was a Person.Shared.p003.txx file in it that I was looking for for Clara's head. So we have a head now. 


I will publish episode 2 soon. I can only do episode 3 if we can get the model back.


Do you want to help me make a Clara Cox model?

Clara Cox addons.7z

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