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Esc button disabled when i add a pet to household.

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I added a pet to a household & the esc button gets disabled so i can't get to the options.

As soon as i remove the dog the button works again! i don't have any zoo mods in. very weird. any idea what's up?

do i NEED to adopt & go through 'the process'? 

i just added a dog using cheat mode on & cas to add the dog. so weird.

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There used to be a bug with strays and other randomly generated pets quite a while back, at least I experienced one. IIRC, the game didn't fill in all the information when they were created, so you couldn't exit CAS until you had fixed that issue yourself (I think, one was even missing the "breed" information, which is what normally decides the general apperance of the pet). It was similar to the behavior for adult Sims not having a first and last name or an empty trait slot, but the red markings that show you what's wrong were missing.


Dunno if it was related to any mod or just a regular game bug, though, as I don't play with pets that much and only ran into the problem while editing some townie households. In any case, it shouldn't make a difference if you add the dog to the household using cheats (I never went through "the process" myself, because cheats are faster and I lack the patience).

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i turned off mods & it still happens! i deleted the household & made a new one! still happens!

i moved the household to another lot. still happens. pets are broken. seems to be a base game issue.

guess i gotta wait for an update. 


i didn't real plan on using pets anyway but wanted to check em out since i got the pack but i can't! so weird.


there wass a stray cat roaming around when i load in. maybe i'll try to get rid of it then add a pet. otherwise gonna give up

and have a pet free society. i really just needed the map & hairs!

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