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  1. i actually looked up Alanis in the gallery....not bad. look for most popular. still looking for a good salma hayek
  2. thanx! i love foot worship! i'll be showing em off in my series!
  3. Wicked of Whimsville : Se.1 Ep.13 'Carmen's Night Calls' Carmen can't sleep! Her new career option is very popular & her clients can't stop calling! Can Carmen take all the call's or learn where her phone's mute button is! Find out here = Wicked Of Whimsville : Se.1 Ep.13 'Carmen's Night Calls' - XVIDEOS.COM
  4. she dreams about blowing up the white house! the woman has issues she hates the very nation that gave her the freedom to be famous! no ray of light there, more of a pit of darkness! O_o
  5. can't pass up a redhead with nice tits! she's on the list so she's going in eventually. She just needs a mini intro story & an idea of what she's gonna aspire to do. Pornstar, hooker? camgirl? astronaut banging aliens? the possibilites are almost endless. lemme know what u'd like to see her do....or who. lol Or i'll just wing it & see what happens!
  6. cool i have that pack. i've probubly used the animation & didn't realize it! lol i thought she was a celeb or something. name sounds like a porn stars! lol yeah i'll add her to my series....someday. i'm very backed up & many on the list to add still. my side hobby has gotten out of control....in a good way. And yes, i will do naughty, wicked things to her! mmoo hoo ha ha! don't worry, nothin painful, i'm a torture them with pleasure kinda sadist! LOL
  7. nice tits! how'd you get her to pose for the last pic? dunno who she is but guess i'll add her to my series!
  8. Nookie with Norbe Se.1 Ep.10 'Overwatch's Sizzling Sombra' Check em out here = Nookie With Norbe : Se.1 Ep.10 'Overwatch's Sizzling Sombra' - XVIDEOS.COM
  9. how about See Through? Like wet t-shirts and those black shirts and body suits that celebs wear that you can see through?
  10. which package added the PINK top to ALL of my sims in CAS?
  11. ahh cool thanx! i've been looking for this for awhile! do you know if anyone has done a female riddler outfit? i'd like to make a female Riddler
  12. TES - Script 1 Verse 10 'Camilla's Golden Clam' After a heroic journey deep in Sofia's burrow, its now time to put the claw back where it belongs, and get rewarded! How will Camillla reward Sierra? Find out here = The Erotic Scriptures : Sc.1 Ve.10 'Camilla's Golden Clam' - XVIDEOS.COM
  13. great timing! i'm about to add Selina Kyle (catwoman) to my society & this will be a PURRRfect outfit for her! Do you do requests? i really want catwoman's outfit from Batman Returns (pix below) if you can do that it would be greatly appreciated & i'd show off the outfit alot in my series! please consider trying to make it! thanks
  14. has anyone made LuLu in sims 4? i have a Tifa, doesn't look much like her tho
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