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I'm not sure what to even call this

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First and foremost, I'd like to preface this with an apology for the frustration that this issue may bring but I literally don't know how to solve this.


For context, the distortion(?) that you see applies to all female character models. I do have a general timeline of events to help solve the issue you see in the screenshot.


Timeline is as follows:

1. Attempted to apply breast growth from the sse version of the Milk Mod Economy(MME) via linking it with the Sex Lab Inflation Framework(SLIF) and applying the cbbe-3bbb-advanced fix(I believe it's a fix if that is not the case please let me know how to rectify this), no dice.

1.1-I have reset the MME mod and it says that the player is registered for it through SLIF but the menu that is supposed to display registered mod(s) only shows SLIF(nor does it show any other mods that are compatible with SLIF).

2.Noticed that when equipping the milking cuirass that it applied the breast growth(but not on the base character model)

3.Thought applying the milking cuirass NIF file to the female skeleton NIF file found in "character assets female" through Outfit Studio would fix this(I am fairly certain that this is where I f*cked up)

4. Saw that two of my female companions were now milking cuirass(es?) that were sliding around on the floor.

5. Knowing that I had f*cked up by now I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game from Steam then tried to reinstall XMPSSE reasoning that reinstalling would reset the skeleton NIF file.

6. Then blindly "attempted" to fiddle with the skeleton file via bludgeoning the "female_body_0" file from the character assets folder found in CBBE 3BA due to their similar appearance in Outfit Studio into it via the Export to NIF with reference function.

This is where I'm currently at:2016198416_SkyrimSpecialEdition7_20_20214_43_23PM.png.ce370db614c447de92d9a30efc8fb4b9.png

Some help in unf*cking the mess that I have gotten myself into here would be greatly appreciated. Please.

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