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  1. I have XFX RX 590 Core edition 8gb replace my old R9 390x Good thing they still honor my life time warranty before they change laws on warranty on there cards. My Fans stop working on the R9 that how I got the Rx version for free from them!
  2. I'm on Low income. Anyway this my DDr 4 system for year and 1/2. https://valid.x86.fr/a8kgt4 I got both cpu and board for 200 bucks. and ram 75 bucks for 16 gigs before prices went up good thing I got the same ram for same price. lol This how high you can go with 3200g unlocked!
  3. Can you get CPU/GPU CPU Chip and board that supports? Hold you over? Or see if under warranty still?
  4. Well Depends I hope he has legit copy of Windows? If can't reinstalled it it means there soemthing wrong on his normal hard drive?
  5. Good news I don't know why my post was delete? it was AI was causing the crash Big Dog Now about reinstalled your yiffs mods! But backing up working copy!
  6. AI overhaul 1.6.4 version was the blame! As right now had start fresh agian! Lol least I know what the issue!
  7. Worst case! Do slow down then run the main mods and sex mods only to go from there!
  8. How many plugin you have? And do you have the player animation plug and fix?
  9. So I guess I'm only one with issue? Where I make new char and choice winter hold and when I talked to her it crash after word?
  10. I told you this game hates me? I about to this. Take out the island and forgotten magic from 2017! I'll let you know later on.
  11. I made fresh limited plugins of 148! And when. I talked to Eva the game crashes? I post my load order again oncesni get up afternoon! See I really want play bad but this game hates me? 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. Wish have her in the game! There tons of new girl rule 34 of her!
  13. If I run the sse Editor would that work? If not I'm at 200 plugins! Need download the new texture from Nexus whopping 13.5 gb one! Take while on there slow 2mb speed!
  14. I'm at 200 plugins getting close to start playing! Lol just have download the texture up scale! It's whoppng 13.5 gb to download!
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