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Black face bug 2/2 retexture mod

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So I downloaded this SE retexture mod for 126 females in the game (see screenshots).

The problem is, this gives me black face bug with some, but not all, NPCs.

When I tested the mod on a clean setup, everybody had black faces.

That was really weird because there are no other mods installed, thus there is nothing to conflict with!

Can any of you fellas see what the heck is wrong with this mod?

Perhaps if somebody can sort out the problems more people could enjoy this mod.

Thanks for your help.

(The SG Hair 350 mod is required, so I also uploaded it as well).







B&B 126.7z 2009826984_SGHair350.7z

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First see if you can create a bashed patch for all the mods in your load order through WyreBash. Once that is done, move the mod's esp along with its requirements at the FAR BOTTOM (after the bashed patch) of your plugin load order. Also make sure that the mod's requirements are right above the mod.


That should fix any issues with black faces since I had a similar issue with the Bijin Mods. ^-^

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