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  1. I think it would be fair to say that we might require a new thread dedicated to having the first main post containing all the latest NSFW mods (and potentially their requirements (if any)).
  2. Just gonna leave this here, same dudes of the Mod Piracy thread are handling it. https://www.reddit.com/r/drownedmods/
  3. Posting here that the Nation-Wide race change is not working as it's intended. The cheat changes the race of the ruler but not the courtiers, family members and vassals + the vassal's vassals, family etc etc etc 😜 EDIT: This applies to Kitsune Race and Angels afaik.
  4. Yeah I'm getting a feeling that the whole Kingdom Come Deliverance mod is just a fluke... But nonetheless, I recently got GTA V and I'm too wondering if there any sex mods for it.
  5. Yay! Thanks for looking into its possibility and pardon for the inconvenience regards the request. :3
  6. Is it possible to have a diplomatic action to change not only the character chosen but change also all other characters within the character's realm? I know what I'm asking is a bit too much but I'm just too lazy to go one by one on each character lols.
  7. I'm quite unsure whether its possible or not, but can the seeding of the races work on a de-jure Empire basis and change all rulers within that de-jure empire? Rather than changing current existing empires/kingdoms/duchies/counties. EDIT: Yes Better Looking Garbs works fine on my end.
  8. @Noxbestia Not sure if there were more than 13 ghostfuckers but they just keep getting pregnant and end up having a whole list of children (over 20) which may lead to save bloating since the game keeps a record of all deceased characters. Also if you want help with writing the variants send me the virgin ones (So I can get an understanding of the scenario) and I'll write you up some non-virgin variants. I have a lot of free time on my hands this week so I could finish them up for you asap.
  9. Hey Nox, just to let you know that the Ghost Fucker trait is going a bit out of hand at times, is it possible to have a rule set up to disable or enable it at will?
  10. Where do I find these references? I can't seem to find them..
  11. Every time I try to visit my spouse, the event doesn't fire. Does anyone know what's going on since I tried looking through the code but I can't find what's up or even what is stopping it from working.
  12. Would be interesting to see Thieflings on the Skyrim leveled lists. As in you encounter them on your journies and depending on who you are they will either attack, ignore or even (on the rarest cases) join you. Great work on the mod however!
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