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Companion blackfaces and invisible body.

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Just now, ASASSSSSS said:

I am new to fallout 4 modding bought the game during this year sale. For some reason my companion change invisible and other npc and other time their faces automatic to change black? 

My loadorder 

loadorder.txt 688 B · 1 download

Apart from the fact that a screenshot and a more detailed description would be helpful, I took a quick look at your loadorder.

Why are you using CBBE and Fusiongirl at the same time?

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7 hours ago, ASASSSSSS said:

IDK. I am new to fallout 4 :P. I just follow the mods requirement and maybe I over did it, Wondering any suggestion to fix the problem :(? 

You can only use one body type, not several at the same time.

So either CBBE or Fusiongirl or JanBod etc. Fusiongirl also has a different skeleton, which is not really compatible with the other body types.

The textures of the different body types are also not really compatible with one another.

So you should decide on a body type, install it and find armor and clothes for this body type.
CBBE is complete and has all the necessary armor and clothing for BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
And make sure that most armor and clothing have to be generated by you with the help of BodySlide.


Otherwise, I can always recommend reading the description of the respective mod carefully. In particular, the incompatibilities and the requirements

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Besides what has already been pointed out.


Black/Brown/Rust face bug/glitch is face texture resolution mismatch between face/makeup/tint mask.

Have high res DLC? Remove it there are better options on Nexus with better performance.

Using a 2K face texture? All makeup mods must also be upscaled to match.

Using higher than a 2K face texture you'll have to manually upscale them yourself.

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I didn't install high res dlc. So I switching from NMM to MO2 but I was curious, I saw many players using fusion girl what is the difference with the body physics between the CBBE and fusion girl. I love my character with vagina physics and breast like 3bbb physics? 

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