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The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (TBD Edition + SMP)

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The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (TBD Edition + SMP)

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I'm finally releasing what I have done so far in terms of TAWOBA conversion itself.
The conversion is  100% complete 
I got tired of making people wait, so read below as I will outline what is done, what isn't.

I will state this only once. Some minor clipping may happen. I cannot fix everyone's presets. You have been warned.

Touched by Dibella
Touched by Dibella SMP
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
TAWOBA Remastered


1. Download and install XPMSSE. (If you have this, ignore.)

2. Download and install HDT-SMP. (If you have this, ignore.)

3. Download Touched by Dibella. (If you have this, ignore.)

4. Download Touched by Dibella SMP. Be sure to overwrite HDT-SMP and Touched by Dibella. (If you have this, ignore.)

5. Download TAWOBA via the requirements drop down menu above. Install it.

6. Download this mod and build in bodyslide.

7. Go in-game and acquire.

8. Profit.

I am not liable for if you do this. Currently TAWOBA is being converted to SMP.
The download for TAWOBA you will be linked to will have a FOMOD Option for Leveled List Injection.
If you use this, you may result in FPS loss.


Blender for Blender
Caliente for Outfit Studio/Bodyslide
Everyone (A few names involved) who was involved with TAWOBA's creation and any mods used in TAWOBA.
VillainN for their contribution to the conversion of this project.



Credits from the original mod page.

Want to see more?
Open the spoiler to be linked if this is your content.




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18 minutes ago, Kerrigan The Godslayer said:

It was originally on Nexus. I took it down and moved it here for the time being.


I was going to say... "Didn't  I see this on the nexus before...?", but then  I went to double check and it wasn't there. O_o Good thing I'm not imagining things.

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2 hours ago, MonVert said:


I was going to say... "Didn't  I see this on the nexus before...?", but then  I went to double check and it wasn't there. O_o Good thing I'm not imagining things.

Nah, I needed to find it a new temporary indefinite home for the time being while I figure what I am going to do. 


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On 7/4/2021 at 10:41 PM, Demanus said:

I have never seen a Touched by Dibella Armor, didnt even know it existed.




Also, where can one acquire that Tattoo shown in the screenshots? You know, for immersion purposes. 

Called Lewdmarks, found here on LL actually.

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On 9/10/2021 at 4:14 AM, rathvar said:

How on earth did you get that look in the first pic? (dark skin with those abs and muscles) I've been using 3ba for ages but seeing that photos...makes me want to go back to TBD.

I apologize for the ungodly late reply, that is not my screenshot.

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I've done everything right (yes I am sure). The armor is correctly fitted to my body preset (or so it looks like), but wearing the bikinis (the actually part that would modify a body ie a chestpiece or in vanilla skyrim, armor) my body shrinks (to a size that is not my preset and the bikini floats a little away from the breasts (in the spot where the body should be filling). I have tried many things to fix this but honestly have no idea what is wrong. (unrelated the 3d models for my inventory items have all vanished if anyone can fix that). Here is a pic of what i mean for the bikini. Sorry if bad quality of images but you can see what I mean still - The butt and boobs shrink and the bikini remains in the correct position for my body preset.



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I downloaded everything, installed it via Mod Organizer, nothing has changed, the armor from the original mod imposes CBBE textures. Can I describe the installation process in more detail? In general, point 6. is not very clear to me. Should I upload files from the archive to a folder with Bodyslide or with TAWOBA?

P.s I apologize in advance in my narrow intelligence, I do not understand English well, I use a translator

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Elven Guantlet 2 has no sliders.


Not one of the Steel Abs has proper belly weight paint, this causes clipping with SMP TBD body which has belly weight paints.

-This may mean all Abs have this issue.

-Abs often also have clavicle weight paint, which will cause the abs to have odd distortions one does not expect when character is moving the arms.

-Thigh weight paint is often present on Abs armors, not needed causes piece to move with legs, but only spine, belly, pelvis is needed on these.


Every single thong has Pussy Weight Paint?


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Ok , just for clarification, does the mod make the armor fit the body, or make the body fit the armor? when i put on the armor the body shrinks to fit it seemingly, is this the intended outcome or did I do something wrong in bodyslide? Which is totally plausible btw...

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