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  1. Here is what you need, you do need to download and install bodyslide that is for Fallout 4. When you download it, it will work for Fallout 4. Don't even try moving it, you'll spend more time breaking things than it is worth. Although, I don't see the answer to your question. Once you get bodyslide and outfit studio downloaded and installed with Vortex, go ahead and run it, then build your body with the slider preset you want. Want to use CBBE in-game morph sliders for Looksmenu? You need to click a little box at the bottom of Bodyslide called, "Build Morphs" which generates a .tri file with
  2. "What really grinds my gears." <-------Sorry, had to. Thanks Peter Griffin. XD What really bugs me, is when people who supposedly mod, come in. I convert outfits to a different body type other than CBBE. (Because I'm a circle like that.) They also use the same body type and then proceed to make an asinine comment, "Why don't people use the default base model preset instead of using presets stretched to all proportions?" I use a preset that is relatively close to base model preset to begin with and they have the gull to say some dumb assery such as that? Wot? I start laughing then proceed
  3. Ah, you picked up and answered it without realizing. It's literally the era of politically correct. In the case of what I am saying, at this point, it's not about where it starts, it's about where it finishes. War of words. War of what is the most correct. Progressive media is the bane of everyone's existence, but that is a topic for another time. However, it's literally just people nit picking each other over the words they use, starting a pointless fight where it never ends with no winning conclusion. :3
  4. Point out which political double standard? Gay pride or Straight pride? Because they are both equal in that boat. As for don't start a fight you can't finish, rewind back. Define politically correct and you'll understand what direction I was going in. If not, I'll explain it to you if need be. Your choice. Wasn't insinuating violence or even close to implying it.
  5. Gay pride is whatever you want it to be. I'm lesbian and cringe at the thought of anything LGBTQ+ at this point. Think of it like this. Gay pride started as say, pointing out those whom have made a difference in the world like Black History Month and etc. It was literally that. Now a days, gay pride isn't just political posturing, but it's a party for a bunch of people to get together, party and circle jerk each other till it's over. Jokes aside, today, it's lost it's meaning due to the people who have given the LGBTQ a bad rep. 27x isn't far off though, it went from "celebrating" and "rem
  6. I don't think Mod Packs would be a problem on LL at all. Most Mod Authors are LL wouldn't allow it. So nothing to worry about.
  7. Does it say remove? If so, then you should be able to remove it. If not, just loading a new body reference unless some how the person attached the body to the mesh itself for whatever reason.
  8. Looks like you have one of the body edits that is used for clipping. You need to remove A) Any zap sliders and B) remove transparency.
  9. Literally, you need to pull the mesh into a program like outfit studio. Pull your female body reference in and fix any clipping and/or adjustments. Then you are going to open FO4Edit and deselect all the esp's/ESL's. Look for the ESP/ESL you are trying to edit and select it and then open. Should only have Fallout4.esm, Fallout4.exe, and your ESP unless it has required mods. After that, you are going to expand the esp for your mod. In the Armor Add-On Section you are going to expand it and go down through each one you want and modify this selection. You just modify the Female World Model t
  10. That's pretty much anyone anytime regardless of vehicle, just gotta laugh at their ignorance. XD
  11. First of all, did you install any mods that require ZeX Skeleton? If so, there is your problem. It's not a bad skeleton, it's more than likely no skeleton found at all.
  12. Shouldn't be hard. Just have to rework the ESP mostly.
  13. Then leave the mod page and don't use the mod. I had zero issues with the mod personally. This is just nit picking at this point. Maybe Konata and I should've put it on Nexus if it were going to be this whiny. Yes you can use the files in Outfit Studio and completely missed it. When you generate Bodyslide files, there is little thing called a "ShapeData" folder. Within that ShapeData folder, there is a specific folder that houses a "nif" (mesh) file for all create bodyslide files. So both of the CBBE outfits have their own folder that holds a mesh file that you can import or if you are
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