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Can't have sex

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29 minutes ago, SIMOWN4 said:

If i request someone to have sex with, they will ask them, but after that they just contiuing doing nothing. 

First thing is do you have any other mods installed.

Mods like MCCC & Nisa's Wicked Perversions won't cause it but there is another odd one out there that breaks WW sex.

So you should try again with only WW + Animations installed and move the rest to temp folder on desktop.

Delete your localthumbcache.pkg after removing mods and re-test.

If problem still persists then it might be your WW settings or your sims gender preferences.


Check out my help file for WW settings (attached) rather than me posing a ton of text.


More about WW Gender Preferences here:


WW Settings Help.txt

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