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Fixing the Hover Glitch: Fully Functional "Female" Humanoid Servos, A tutorial or something.

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Functional "Female" Humanoid Servos, A tutorial or something.


Alright, so I recently posted a rambling nearly incoherent attempt to explain how I "fixed" the problem with female servos and their hover walk style. This aims to be a more streamlined and informative version of that without the storytime, clearer headline, and better format. My apologies, it was 1:30AM when I finally got everything working in concert and I was very excited to at least jot down what I had learned. I also just tend to go verbose when typing, Sorry!


To business!


The goal here is to get a female servo (AKA 'fembot' because it's easier to type) to hover gracefully in her walkstyle. It's MUCH faster than the regular servo shamble, and faster even than the glitched walk that EA left us to deal with. As I am not modder, coder, or animator it is difficult to know the EXACT issue with the traits. After many trait altering trials, this narrows down to the Male/Female base gender traits. Changing the frame, clothing, or any other setting but the base gender failed to change the fembot glitch walk.

So the MAIN goal is to make a fembot into a "fembot" that looks and acts and is referenced in all ways as female and still a robot, but carries the base male trait.


I'm not a huge fan of making alterations to other people's mods. I play a very edge case (I think) game of the sims where male sims aren't tolerated, and so I try to be judicious about what I request of modders to make my game more fun. If I think my changes are useful to others I always reach out to the primary modder.


Lots of hoops, but here is how I did it: will be doing it the next time:


Sims 4
Discover University


I started with practically Zero experience. I've tried in the past to make modding happen, but generally fail and go back to just playing the game. That said, basic understanding of Sims4Studio will be extremely helpful in the later parts of this tutorial. Otherwise a willingness to learn how and seek outside knowledge will suffice for you as it did for me. (Knowing how to install a mod to the Sims 4 is kind of expected, right?)



MCCC by Deaderpool
SweenyTodd's awesome group of Servo mods
   - Humanized Servos (IF you want more Android less Robot)
   - Servo Cheats (Crucially Needed)
   - Remove Servo Age Restriction (Optional) (Voice changer compatibility if you want voice options) (Same download page as Servo Cheats)
   - Servo Voice Changing Option
XMLinjector by Scumbumbo
Main and Refer by NeonOcean (For pronoun control, this works really well! Very glad I found it!) (Pretty Sure Refer relies on Main, but Main is not critical to this endeavor.)
Life Manager by Sacrificial (For end state outfit control.)


A mod to give Male traited sims breasts. I used "Custom Gender Settings". This particular mod was quite helpful and skipped a lot of tedium, but any mod to give Male sims breasts should work.


OPTIONAL EXTRAS: (And Mods I mention and love dearly.)


Robot Dermal Tattoos by Obj (<3)
Wildguys female body details (Never Make sims without them!)
WickedWhims (Turbo, my ladies Thank You again for that toggle in WW!)
Nisa's Wicked Perversions (Will support you to the end.)

SweenyTodd's No Servo Idle Animation (I personally thoroughly enjoy my fleshbots contorting thank you! It's a great reminder that these ARE robutts. But it's there if you want it.)


Any other robot/android/cyborg CC you want to put on, like if someone were to make a skin like those pictures above these (as suggested in my original now deleted thread by FauxFurry), that would be AMAZING. Maybe me someday... Though I don't think textures and the like will be much in my wheelhouse at the end.


A custom mod of your own making (or mine if I can be convinced that anyone would want such a thing) to fix the Relationship bits. (My version gender swaps all instances of Father/Son/Boyfriend/Husband/Etc.etc.etc. happening in RelBits and probably other places so I doubt it will be ideal for most.)


A super easy custom mod of your own making to allow teenage robots to gain the Robot Enhancement skill. (I'm hoping to contact SweenyTodd about adding that bit to his Servo Age mod.) I will walk you through making that one in the next post. (Seriously just add one line of code to an XML, child's play.)

Alright! Let's make a flying Fembot!


1.  Install all the pre-made mods from other authors, and all the other extra ones you think you might want on your robot.


2.  Boot up Sims 4 and get your fembot ready to roll. If you have made or are buying your own go to step 3. If you are converting a human female go to step 6.


3.  Activate the robot in your robotics workstation as a female. She will activate and put on a totally random usually awful human skin, this is the Humanized Servo from SweenyTodd working. Here is one of the big pains of setting all this up. You CANNOT edit the outfits/body/skin of a servo. Not in CASfulleditmode. Not in MCCC CAS. You CAN generate outfits with Sacrificial's Life Manager, but you are at the mercy of rand().


4.  Servo...->Engage Hover Mode, click somewhere on the other side of the lot and Go Here. This will probably highlight the glaring issue we are after. Confirm Issue Exists. Servo Cheats...->Make Human.


5.  In order to alter the appearance of a Humanized Servo we need to make it into a Human. Servo Cheats menu shows up on your fembot when she's the active sim. Use THIS to humanize your fembot. Don't use MCCC's Humanize, I did a few times and ended up with a case of being at Enhancement level 1 AND 4 at the same time. I would suspect that the shift+click version of humanizing isn't really a good idea either. Servo Cheats->Humanize has proven to preserve what can be preserved really well. Your progress between enhancement levels can't be saved (through humanization and back) at this time. So any time I want to edit one of my fembots I do it immediately after an enhancement. (Swap to human, make edits, swap back.)


6.  Click on your Fembot->MCCC->Sim Commands->Maintain Sim->Swap Gender.  DON'T do 'Swap Gender Complete', as we want to keep all the other female aligned traits. I don't quite remember if the update to the body was instant or if it came after an exit/clearcache/reload. Probably best just to reload with a cleared cache and see what state the Fembot is in. Which should be a feminine framed male with no breasts. So bring in your mod that gives breasts to male sims and convert the sim to a fully breasted male. (Here is where Custom Gender Settings Mod saved me many headaches. MCCC can't gender swap a Servo, but CGSM does, so that eliminated a lot of human/servo back and forth for me during testing. Also it has male breast setting. The order of this tutorial makes it no sweat to use MCCC for the gender swap though, should you have some other form of male breast enhancement.)


7.  At this point it is necessary to divert out of the game and into the files. Oh boy where to begin. MANY of the amazing things I personally need for female sims (All Sims in my own case) aren't available for Male use. Wildguy's Female Body Details is one of those. We need to open each package of CC that we want to use on our fembot and enable them for both male and female use. As a person unfamiliar with modding and making CC, I failed to change most thumbnails and had to dig around looking at a bunch of male eyebrow pictures to find the Female Body Details after conversion, so probably want to copy over the female thumbnail to the male side of the item. I also converted my 'invisible' nude female clothing items and actually the skin texture default replacement. (no clue if that last bit really worked though...) This is where I again say that I'm VERY much not a big fan of making changes to other people's creations, but this is what I had to do to make fully featured Fembots. Once you have what you want converted we should be done outside of the game unless you want a teenage fembot.
Don't Forget to Apply Changes To All Swatches when manipulating gender on CC!


  7a.  If you plan to have a teenage Servo (any gender) see next Post for quickly and easily crafting a mod to enable Robot Enhancement skill for Teens. Now is a great time to do that.


8.  Sweet, now back into the game to edit your Human(ized Fembot) in CAS. Give them the outfits, the tats. The traits/likes/voice. Probably don't mess with the relationships in the family here. I haven't tried, but I like Relbits and want to keep the Creator/Robot Creation Relbit. Do other extra things outside of CAS that Fembots can't do. Get a clit piercing if you want, fembots love them and they work great.  If you are going to use your Fembot as a sexbot and I have no clue why you wouldn't, then make sure that two of your outfits include a full nude and a nude with strapon. WickedWhims doesn't attempt to undress robots or give them strapons (Nor Should It.) and Nisa's clit piercing doesn't show up naturally so we have to account for those manually with outfits and accessories. (Oh and if you don't have a sim available outside the sex activities in your household you'll want vanilla interactions enabled in WW settings so you can access Outfits... Oooh, Turbo, can we get a setting to CHOOSE which vanilla interactions are available during sex? KIDDING!!) Also Servos aren't prostitutes. Don't do it. See 8a or skip to step 9.


  8a.  WARNING: It has been indicated by my first attempt at setting all of this up that Humanized Fembots (PROBABLY All Servo's in general) are incompatible with Nisa's Lost Eden prostitution. I love Nisa's work so so much and most of my sims have at least one of her traits. My personal experience was that I humanized my fembot, made her a Rose, then turned her back. She was fine, but couldn't access the Ho Control to offer herself for new clients. Sure ok, no worries. Forget about it for a few RL days of playing, then she gets solicited and finishes her client off. Played about another sim game day after that (probably RIGHT around when you get new client calls after a new whoring) I saved and exited, then came back a few hours later to load the game. Sister's thumbnail on the choose household screen is just a red X. *sigh* What now? Load the household and Sister is GONE. Vanished from household and all references erased. Better Exceptions says something on Sister didn't load right through Nisa's mod. (Should Nisa happen to read this, I didn't report this to you because it's obvious that you try to keep Servo and Nisa functions totally separate and I know that the amount of manipulation she had been through at that point made any reporting of bugs to your mod MY OWN FAULT. And I accept that. :P) And so now I just say stick with Nisa's clit piercing, sensual tightness and the like. (I have NOT tested Black Widow or Pheremonal Flower yet. Bunnies DoEH can't be converted to Servos at all.)


9.  Alright, now we should be looking sharpish. I do hope everything went well for you in styling your Fembot. We should have good traits (if you picked something incompatible with Servos in general like Glutton you'll have to remove or replace it). We should have just about everything in place. Just need to finish out the details like pronouns. Click your sim->NeonOcean->Refer...->Pronoun Settings->Pronouns->She/Her (or something else, it's your game.. my goal was Fembots.)


 9a.  There is still the situation with Relationship Bits. I honestly don't know how those could be changed on a case by case basis without some sort of deeper knowledge than I have managed. My solution was to assemble my own collection of replacements and replace them globally. You can do that through string table lookups in S4S. If you have the drive and inclination/need I'm willing to share my own package that does that, or help talk you through it. But really. Probably not a great solution in most cases, sorry!


10.  Servo Cheats->Remove Conflicting Human Traits <---- (Just in case)
        Servo Cheats->Turn into Servo


11.  Celebrate as your wonderful Fembot whisks and floats about the house doing her Fembot things on perfectly working thrusters!





Just a few things mentioned above that should be reiterated.


Outfits: You have to manually control a Humanized Servo's outfits. In sex you'll need access to vanilla interactions or an outside-of-sex sim you can control or she'll be shagging in her clothes and pushing an invisible strapon. Since no True Nude outfit ever occurs on a Servo, Nisa's clit piercings won't show unless you manually equip the accessory on your "nude" outfit (which is Party for me).


Changing CC from Female only to Male and Female can be a hassle if you forget (like I did) to put some sort of thumbnail on the male version of the CC. I had to judge what I was trying to put on the ladies by the number of swatches they had.


Oh Yeah, there was one time that I swear I logged back into the game in the middle of all this and both Sister and Daughter were in human form but hover walking around the house. But it was late and I was making a LOT of changes and switching things around to put it all together at that point, so I can't confirm. But as always in manipulating a Sim to this kind of a state, there's a risk! (No evidence of hover walking showing up on sims who have never been Servos.)


The Custom Gender Settings mod that I used is by ColNutty. I don't spend a lot of time reading posts here, but my sense is that that author and this community don't get along anymore. I'm sorry if that 'association' leaves a bad taste about what I tried to do here, but it was honestly the tool I needed at the time. If anyone knows of a better suggestion that I can make this tutorial more community friendly, please let me know.



A few more personal things, the tutorial is done.


This tutorial was written as if I were trying to optimize the long winding path I took to get to my result. It's not the exact route I took by any means. Each piece of each step was me feeling the waters and teaching myself how to use the tools, then reacting (often poorly) to try to fix the next part. (THAT tutorial would have been 197 steps long!) And then I put it out like this because this is the route I will be taking the next time I make a Fembot. Which will certainly be soon after all this effort.


I hate to do this to you, but one last thing(s). I'm putting this on LoversLab and not on MTS or somewhere else, because in my head there is a heavy emphasis on making humanoid servo's sex-able AND properly hovering, so making sure this is working with as many features of WW and Nisa and the like as possible is kind of a central theme. This is the very first (actual attempted) tutorial I have ever written and I am sorry if parts aren't clear or I have missed something or omitted any form or credit for anything. If anyone has any advice on how to do things better, be more informative, how to actually write mods, or anything please feel free to send me a message or reply. I am also sorry my first post was such a mess, it had been days of working on this and getting little fiddly bits all in place and I was VERY eager to share with my chosen community. I hope this post vindicates that a little bit. In the process of putting this all together cohesively I've caught the modding bug and have some ideas that maybe a few people will enjoy, so hopefully in the future I will have more to offer than a poorly communicated workaround for a bug that probably could be fixed with one or two lines of code by someone more skilled than I. But I'm really excited to have at least contributed Something to a community I have enjoyed quietly for years. (Honestly after this, I think I'm in love with Humanized Servos and will probably be aiming to make the Botloving community some goodies.)


If ANYONE finds any value in this, then my task was worth the several hours it took to write these couple notes and the several days I spent piecing together the bits.


Cheers, Siawn (Because the Username is still a typo but I'm fond of it.)












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Quick and dirty Howto Enable hidden Robot Enhancement skill for teens.


1. Open Sims4Studio.

2. Tools->Create Empty Package

3. Name it and Save it. (I used TeenageRobot.package)

4. Tools->Extract Tuning...

5. When it loads type 'enhance' in the search bar at the top.

6. Find "statistic/statistic_Skill_HumanoidRobot_Enhancement"

7. Highlight and click "Add to current package."

8. In the Statistic Tuning XML (Should have been the first thing shown on the right.) add <E>TEEN</E> to the ages array like so:


  <L n="ages">



9. Click save at the bottom right, exit s4s and go enhance your TeenBot!


Note: This doesn't allow a Teen to swap to a Servo on it's own. For that you need SweenyTodd, linked above. It ONLY allows them to gain Robot Enhancement Skill levels.


Later, -Si

Edited by Siawm
Optional Part B of Tutorial
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