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First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Rektas both for creating the amazing looking Cortana Outfit and giving me permission for this conversion!


This is the first mod I've ever posted to Lover's Lab, and it's one I'm extremely proud of for two reasons:


1) I have never done any Texturing or 3D Modelling before. EVER. I spent over 24 hours of effort between attempting a rudimentary Photoshop conversion, then searching the internet for methods of converting textures from one UV Map to another, finding a 3D modeling program that was both affordable and would successfully import the mesh, and then getting the right settings to render a new texture into the proper layout.


2) The final result looks AMAZING considering I went into this knowing NOTHING. There are some minor flaws, but I believe many people will hardly notice, if at all. You'd only notice if you looked for them (so unless you want to touch up the textures to a degree that I couldn't, please don't look for them :grimace: )


This is designed for SlaveTats (hence the json file) on the CBBE 3BA Body, but the texture could be easily used by other Tattoo Mods or as a body paint if you know how to set that up.


This Tattoo is only an overlay! If you want the rest of the body and/or hair to be blue, set your skin and/or hair color to blue in racemenu!


As for why I made this mod, I wanted to be able to re-create Cortana as accurately as possible while still being able to wear armor and clothes without losing her body details. As awesome as Rektas's outfit is, for me that was the only thing I didn't like.


But now, thankfully, I can have my cake and eat it too! If you like what you see, so can you!


I use SG Hair Pack 350 Angelic Hair and used the preset from "Accurate RaceMenu Series - Cortana" on the SSE Nexus


With the help of Schnoz (the author of "Accurate RaceMenu Series - Cortana"), we have been able to create a "perfect" conversion of the textures. Thank you very much Schnoz!


Link to new mod post, containing the original upload and the new version: 


(Screenshots moved to linked post)

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7 hours ago, aranious said:

This looks great, installed it a few days ago, but I'm only seeing a body option. Can't get head, feet or hands blue like yours

Yes, that's because the tattoo is only body details, not head, hands, or feet.


You have to go back into racemenu to set the skin to be blue. If you want your character to look more like mine, go here and load the preset that comes with the mod in racemenu. (Make sure to get the proper requirements!)


If you want her hair to be blue, you also set that in racemenu. For the hair style, I use SG Hair pack 350 and KS Hairdos SMP Hair, using the Angelic style. I can't remember if the angelic hair is part of SG Hair or the KS Hairdos.

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