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Which version of SLA actually works with current mod-versions?

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As the title says: AFAIK there's currently SLA redux, SLA modular and SLA extended. The later two are supposedly unstable/incomplete. I can confirm this for SLA modular, which indeed is buggy. However, mods using it as a dependency actually work properly.


With the old SLA redux instead, SLA itself works properly, but mods depending on it do all kinds of weird shit. For example, SLEN is seeing entirely different values for gender preference, exposure, blocks and.... well, pretty much all values are BS, compared to what SLAR is telling me. So both mods clearly are accessing different datasets. And it's not just SLEN but multiple mods depending on SLA.


So is SLAR no longer sufficient to run latest SE mods? But SLAM is buggy, and SLAX doesn't look "ready" either. Can someone please explain this clusterfuck?

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