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FSM Body Textures Extreme - DELETED

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Hi, I just performed some routine check for updates in Vortex and it informed me that it could not check the update for FSM Body Textures Extreme - Full Installer - Clean, because the mod which was originally hosted on Nexusmods is no longer available.


It's a shame really, it must be a really recent change, because I do this almost daily and yesterday or a day before, this message wasn't showing up, so the mod was most likely deleted only recently. When I checked the link on Nexus which should host this mod, there's an error message on Nexus saying "The mod you were looking for couldn't be found" and title of the webpage next to the name of the mod says "- DELETED" as if it was really deleted and manually renamed to make that intent clear.


Should Loverslab make their own unofficial backup for their own purposes in case this would be a permanent deletion? It's a pretty cool mod and I would hate it if it disappeared forever. If I was given permission for this, I would be happy to share the mod with you guys, for preservation purposes... :)


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29 minutes ago, LAKKSA_Z40 said:


Cool, which one is that? I wonder if that's older than my 5.0.1? I have the following versions, I guess they are all from the same author and all gone now...


FSM Body Textures 5.0.1 - Base Female - Clean-31965-5-0-1.7z

FSM Body Textures 5.0.1 - Base Female - Dirty-31965-5-0-1.7z


Couldn't help it, grabbed both clean and dirty version, for science with raiders and gunners... :P Looks like it was a wise decision now that they are gone!


And the latest and largest one (7.6 GB in size, even bigger when it's unpacked, before anyone asks, there was simply no dirty version on this one, otherwise I would have that one too):

FSM Body Textures Extreme Full - Clean-48510-1-0-1605772139.7z


Now that they are gone, I'm kinda sad I didn't grab the version which had no public hair, but this large version is still configurable so that the fomod installer allows you to have no public hair on your NPCs. Neat thing on this one is that Piper, Cait and Curie have their unique settings, so that each one can look differently compared to the other or compared to regular NPCs, pretty cool...


Again, not sure how to go about this, is it ok if we just share it here for preservation? I don't know.

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Hey does anyone have the FSM Body Textures Extreme files? if it's much of a trouble, would it be possible to share that one? I had the older mod and few days ago I reinstalled the game and all my other mods but when I tried to grab the 8K FSM it was taken down :( any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This may be odd - but since herrmika has deleted... everything... not just mods, but apparently accounts, etc - *everywhere* - I hope that posting this might reach them, someday.

So.... for herrmika:

Obviously something went on which I don't know about - and you've got to do you, you know? But I just wanted to say thanks. Your mods have made my many, *many* (waaay too many) hours of gameplay a lot better. I'm glad to have them saved and backed up, because I intend to keep using them... and in that way, I guess I'm not terribly impacted by whatever happened - but it makes me sad to see that someone whom I appreciate has been hurt or upset or however it went down.

Whatever else, and whatever number of obnoxious complaints you got/get - I just wanted to make sure that you knew that at least one person (I know it's a *lot* more than me, though) is simply grateful for you, and your work. Hope everything goes okay, moving forward!

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On 6/19/2021 at 5:29 AM, MrFuturehope said:


Neat thing on this one is that Piper, Cait and Curie have their unique settings, so that each one can look differently compared to the other or compared to regular NPCs, pretty cool...



wouldn't that require an esp file similar to those unique followers mods?

as far as I know my v5.0.1 didn't come with a separate esp file

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