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  1. Hello, I play both sims 3 and 4 imo i would say sims 4 is faster, easier to instal mods and can be made to look pretty in a cartoony way, sims 3 is slow buggy and prone to crashes because it dislikes something, but holds far better sim models and far better gameplay due to mods from LovLab especially kinkyworld, personelly if it wasnt for mods i wouldnt go near either of them, i prefer sims 3 even with the occasionl headache, the models can be made to stunning levels just remember once its all working save your sims 3 folder in documents, that way its just a case of replacement when all goes tip top, a final note is that sims 4 seems to have no soul but you can play the hell out of sims 3 and get deeply involed with your simmies if your prepared to work at it.
  2. Josh Q Impossible Boots for Sims 4

    Joshq shoes for s4 OH wow! 2018 is going to be a great year woop woop.
  3. Having just downloaded your latest creations and having reinstalled sims 3 just to play with it and decided to only use cc by a certain creator by the name of joshq in my future sims 3 games, i would like you to know that i am a Dribbling mess, seriously good stuff joshq all the above is true, your work is OUTSTANDING, hope you had a good xmas and a very happy and prosperous new year to you.

    1. JoshQ


      thanks happy 2018!

  4. I lke it.. onikies kinky mod for sims 4 now that would be something.
  5. here here good stuff, i may try that approach myself, if i can fathom out how to mod as good as oniki.
  6. My gut feeling is that oniki has gone the way of the cash, and has abandoned LL, this is one of the reasons i detest patreon, it dangles the carots and creations dont stay free for fun or sharing once hard cash starts to talk, i dont hold the creator responsible, i just wish patreon would lose its head and die.
  7. sweet hank youso much for these. x
  8. Ковры ручной работы

    awesome, thank you. x
  9. Calm down pepes, no one needs to leave lets just all go back to loving each oher, we all have opinions and sometmes they get heated but we all mean well we know we do, lets just accept the fact that patreon is obviously here to stay, if you like it then thats ok if you dont then dont use it thats ok too.
  10. Hmm! i think i will close the door on this one and do my own thing as i have always done, thank you all for your comments anyway, long live lovers lab and freedom.
  11. Oh i have had a great idea, i would liketo make a list or page for non patreon modders particularly for sims 3 & 4 so us non patreon users can concentrate our efforts on them, anyone know how i go about doing this, or if its already been done could i be pointed in that direction, thanks all.
  12. Sadly this rule doesn't mean anything anymore. The moderators here have made it clear that Patreon is allowed. Modders are allowed to lock their content behind paywalls as long as they release something every month in their thread here. And as long as their initial release has "something", even if the rest is behind a paywall, then it is still fine. As long as they keep making monthly releases, they aren't breaking any rules, according to the moderators. So a modder could have 5000 animations on Patreon, but as long as they release one animation every month, it is fine. That's what we've been told. But if they are still making content on Patreon, and stop updating here on LL, then it becomes a problem. And yeah, I remember when LL was a free mod site and modders made mods for the community because they wanted to contribute and help others. Not because they wanted to get paid. Modding is a hobby and you do it cause you enjoy it and enjoy having others see what you made. Now it's just greedy modders who only care about making a quick buck, even if their content is amateur at best. No more love anymore, just greed. Most of the modders here have become the gaming corporation they complained about. Just caring about that dollar instead of the love. I have been with LLab a while now and am always happy to support modders who release free content for the love of modding hey my favorite modder is JoshQ who mods sims 3, but i will not ever support patreon because i belive it is morally wrong to charge in any shape or form for something you love doing no matter how hard the work is, call it principle, accepting donations no matter how small is another matter and should be applauded, i look forward to the day when LLab is free again of all greed and all patreons have their own site where one could go if one so chose to do so, less dollar more love please.
  13. Well thats ok not to worry about it but think most users may worry about this patreon thing getting out of hand and that all modding resources may all go that way and the only way to get mods will be to pay for them, after all most modders dont work for the game companys so technically they are breaking some law somewhere, so really what right have the modders got to charge for their creations other than their time and effort which i have to add we greatly appriciate and imo should be shown in donations rather than charges, just my tupence.
  14. I agree patreon is becoming the norm, i dont support patreon and never will, mods are made out of love not profit although i do agree that if one wants to pay the creator then a link should be present somewhere, luckily most creators post their creations much later here on this great site after they have milked the patreons, i'm not saying thats bad as most of us will take free money, at the end of the day its the supporters of patreon who are at fault imo, if patreon was not supported then it would cease to exist, there be your answer.
  15. i have had no problem with running KW and passion at the same time with all ep's, exept maybe 1 or 2 freezes which seem to clear after deleting cache files, and i think a problem with sim penis erection which cleared itself, however i do use a tool wise game booster to speed up my pc prior to playing sims 3, just my 2 cents.