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  1. help will come LL is full of great modders only too willing to help
  2. johnpage

    meet lily rhinebac.

    hmm! nice any chance of sharing her.
  3. johnpage

    Who does this look like

    for me its emma stone
  4. johnpage

    Female orgasm Mod

    I second and third this request, sims really need to orgasm...
  5. johnpage

    KinkyWorld XML files are accumulating

    I delete the script errors all the time it does not seem to effect the game, i have just started to delete the kw_logs as well, this does not seem to be a problem either, hopefully someone will correct me if i am making a mistake.
  6. johnpage

    quiet on here now

    I totally agree i visit Llab 2 or 3 times a day to check for new content or to redownload something i messed up, its been very quiet since xmas 17 and very lttle in the way of new content, but i guess most will go where the money is, not me though i neve liked patreon i always knew it would steal the creators eventually, at the end of the day i hold the short sighted punters or buyers responsible for why creators are shying away from Llab, if i knew how to mod sims 4 i would do it myself but free time is not a commodity i have much of these days maybe when i retire lol. I think folks that we are going to have to show much love and gratitude to those creators who are loyal to Llab and let them know how much we appreciate theire work, i will start the ball rolling by saying this to a sims 3 creator Joshq. Thank you so much joshq for your hard work and dedication your creations have made my game a pleasure to play i look forward to every new creation with joy and anticipation you have my heartfelt thanks. Now somebody tell me how i get that message out to the main board sims 3 and 4 obviously bye for now. x
  7. johnpage

    Do you think Wicked Whims saved the Sims 4?

    For me at least this forum and the generous content provided by the kind benefactors saved sims 4 for me as it did sims 3, i would not touch the standard ea fare with a bargepole the mods here enable the game(s) to be played in a much more realstic and humanist way and in some cases quite kinky ie enabling a secret fantasy which would normaly be frowned upon, lovers lab saved sims and skyrim and fallout and hopefully will save a lot more mundane boring robotic games that the state beives they can manipulate us with.....
  8. Hello, I play both sims 3 and 4 imo i would say sims 4 is faster, easier to instal mods and can be made to look pretty in a cartoony way, sims 3 is slow buggy and prone to crashes because it dislikes something, but holds far better sim models and far better gameplay due to mods from LovLab especially kinkyworld, personelly if it wasnt for mods i wouldnt go near either of them, i prefer sims 3 even with the occasionl headache, the models can be made to stunning levels just remember once its all working save your sims 3 folder in documents, that way its just a case of replacement when all goes tip top, a final note is that sims 4 seems to have no soul but you can play the hell out of sims 3 and get deeply involed with your simmies if your prepared to work at it.
  9. johnpage

    Josh Q Impossible Boots for Sims 4

    Joshq shoes for s4 OH wow! 2018 is going to be a great year woop woop.
  10. Having just downloaded your latest creations and having reinstalled sims 3 just to play with it and decided to only use cc by a certain creator by the name of joshq in my future sims 3 games, i would like you to know that i am a Dribbling mess, seriously good stuff joshq all the above is true, your work is OUTSTANDING, hope you had a good xmas and a very happy and prosperous new year to you.

    1. JoshQ


      thanks happy 2018!

  11. I lke it.. onikies kinky mod for sims 4 now that would be something.
  12. here here good stuff, i may try that approach myself, if i can fathom out how to mod as good as oniki.
  13. My gut feeling is that oniki has gone the way of the cash, and has abandoned LL, this is one of the reasons i detest patreon, it dangles the carots and creations dont stay free for fun or sharing once hard cash starts to talk, i dont hold the creator responsible, i just wish patreon would lose its head and die.
  14. sweet hank youso much for these. x
  15. johnpage

    Ковры ручной работы

    awesome, thank you. x