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  1. Everything will be free one day anyway, times are changing daily folks.
  2. well if all mods needed payment then eventually it wold destroy the modding community there are many like me who feel that mods are produced illegally but for the joy of the game they are done i generally dont play any games i cant mod, mods in my eyes make me want to purchase a game because i like what the mod does, and of note ANY game you purchase has a statment of copyright that you must not alter said game, what developers need to realise is that modding SELLS games so it should be developers paying modders not the end user, simply put developer makes game and releases it with development tools, modder mods game and presents it to community, community like the mod so buys game developer pays modder its win win all round.
  3. Hi, Is this what you are looking for ? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15152
  4. Hello try this one from nexus mods awsome package https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19596
  5. I like the look of this one, thanx for the info.
  6. Regarding Niero, sounds to me like he's been got at or bullied into submission quietly, i play fallout 4 my way and if that means my female heroine is running around the commenwealth in her undies displaying all her feminine charms in an otherwise terribly drab and boring devastated world, then i am an adult and i choose to play this way, i will never and still dont play games the way they are meant to be played officially simply because i dont like game companys dictating too me how i should spend my recreational time, i thank the gods that modders exist, and if there are no mods for any given game i dont buy it simple as that, maybe we can all pesuade the game makers to make the games we want by simply not buying them, they will pick up on it soon enough.
  7. thanks for that i will try it next time i install aff but at mo im on rse.
  8. i have this problem too, looks like they are riding tandam lol
  9. Yup i agree support the good ones, however i dont see why we should not cajole the bad ones, and kick out the patreon profiteers, or profiteers full stop.
  10. Ok thank you, back to the drawing board with me it is then, all best.
  11. Hello dagobaking, I have started a new game f4 version f4se version v0.6.7, game starts to load up and first up is the AAF error 001 release 7, then it says AAF is installed, then we have AAF error 037 and dlcworkshop02 not installed but it is, i have the alternate start mod, i start in sanctuary, then some more mods starting up then we get the wall of text about actor id's on the left side of the screen as i play it is constantly updating about something it cant find, warning [065] actor id ''20''. i am using the new nexus mod manager vortex,
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