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  1. When I first DLed this mod it worked beautifully and as advertised. About a yr later, it "stopped" (turns out I had disabled AAF which I guess was a req. mod) NP, re enabled AAF and M F works again... that is till I had to rebuild my whole file structure from the ground up (non related issue) and, w AAF propperly installed, Muff Fluff *same* , building template in BS.... nothin'. I am all but certain it's a clash w something else but I am at a loss. Anyone have a similar issue that was later resolved?If so, How?
  2. I figured as much. One of my "other" interests in FO4 is settlement building, and almost everytime I opened esp expl, my char wld go off to bugger someone, or get fisted... whadeva. In any case it was not the action I had in mind So, for the moment, I just disabled all aaf and sex mods so I cld build in peace.
  3. So, I use and have used for yrs now, ESP Explorer which never mind the posts you see, it DOES use the F11 key to activate (some claim its the F12, nope. Nothin happens when you hit that) anyway, there seems to be some mod cross over issue w the F11, specifically w a adult or sex mod. Namely, I hit F11 to open esp explorer and sometimes but not always, my char will start to wander off to fuck... something *shrugs* no clue as to what or whom as that is never shown. Or sometgimes the screen just goes black w whatever sound fx/music going on in the background but otherwise my game is essentially frozen. The only exception is I can load prior saves, but whatever is causing this is essentially breaking my esp explorer as a usable mod. My actual question here is, what OTHER mods use F11 and/or how can I change that mod's or ESP EX dependancy on F11 to something/where else?
  4. I'm gonna apologogize in advance for what is almost certainly a "noob question" but I am using Mutilated dead bodies. Will this mod clash w/ that one, or is there a way to combine the 2?
  5. So, for starters, I am using Vortex and at first I had no issues Installing Muff fluff 1-18 then overwriting w colour change. This allowed what ever option I chose (#6 usually) to show up on my char and npcs, even matching colours. Then it "stopped working", aka I Fed up and disabled AAF (DOH!) got it working again in all the same capacities (char and NPCs) then...*zilch* Nothin'. Rechecked to see if I had disabled AAF again, nope. Pondered if I had out of date files/DLed fresh copies,... nope. what I do NOT have is other pubic hair mods, so conflict SHLD not ber an issue, but something is and I'll be buggered if I can find it.
  6. thank you. I will delete that mod asap. Any an all Four play/leito mods are out. Thanks again for taking the time. It really is appreciated, everyone!
  7. I shld add that I am using CBBE Pussy rather than Animated fannies. Something about almost white labia/rectum kinda threw me
  8. I had, hence my confusion about kink support not having the plugins,., Heres thos screen shots. If any other specific mod/LO info is needed to help sort this out, just let me know
  9. I think I have 8gb on my Nvidia 2060. May be 6,... can't recall. I do have buffout 4, Baka scrap and f4se address. If it's just a matter of AAF and DD mods, that wld be a lot easier for me to screenshot and for others to pick apart I'll get on that tomorrow. Right now it's 1:20 am and I am a wee bit cooked. Even my coffee isn't doin much so... till tomorrow.
  10. thank you all for your input. It really is appreciated, even sans a result.
  11. where I do appreciate the community willingness to step up n help, I am well aware that 500 + mods are way to much to ask of anyone to sift through, which is why I was asking if there was a program that cld help aside from LOOT that is as the results from that are...odd at best.
  12. so... screen shots? Gotta admit I was hoping for an external prog. option. But,.... I'll get on that in a spell here. The reason for my hesitance is a mod list a bit over 500. Yeah yeah, I know, it's a low ball compared to many, but it's also where my esp plugin cap kicks in as not nearly as many as I wld like are esls, or convertable to esls. at any rate, lemme go round killin ghouls, mutants and asshats and I'll get on that w picks following
  13. vortex. I know, I know, just cldnt trust MO2 after spending 2 days getting everything JUUUUst right, next day *blip!* gone. that and vortex allows me to blend mods together that wld otherwise fight allowing me to get a very distinct look on my ladies. I.E.: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51741?tab=images
  14. as far as I have come in modding, there's still a lot I need to learn, aka how to record/post my LO. Any tips/links/ideas?
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