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Comunity! Dont you think that is very strange with all those mods like "sexual attributes" we do not have any reactions from Male NPCs to naked girls NPC in game yet?


WHY??? Why girls dont react to their nudity? Why? It is so unrealistic and non-interesting!


Male NPCs can do many things, from just gazing to chasing and apploause and so on. Various dirty comments and whistlings, even laughs at naked NPCs - like it can be in real life. Nude NPC can run away from such pursuers and so on. Many interesting and simple things.


Where is all this things? No any!


Where arousing from being nude in Sexual Attributes mod? No any! (Or I just missfound with it.)


Rape can be started if girl is naked for example. And so on!!!



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1 hour ago, aradriel said:

Folks... do you not even interested?



I am preparing this to provide info for various mods, but it will just extend functionality of mods that already exist



For rape and this for comments



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