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  1. Is any kinky mods with ragged clothing? With many holes and enough revealing? I tryed to use nifscope to delete some excess elements of vanilla tattered rags, but it is not so easy.
  2. What with downloads? Everything was right just week ago. Now I need to login to some other site, that I can not to do because this site cant send confirmation e-mail to me. What is this? Why?
  3. (Sorry for my english) Just reinstalled my Windows 7 x 64 So, all mods at Nexus Mod Manager needed to reinstall. After I did that - Looks Menu dont want to change body with sliders at Advaced menu. Just nothing happens, when I move it. May be, I need install some mods in special order? CBBE mods and so on? --------------------------- Additional. When I try to resinstall some Skin Overrides for Looks Menu - big bug was appeared - now my player character is just transparent red arrow - whole model was dissapeard. No any settings at Looks Menu can change this. Just big red arrow instead normal player model.
  4. Comunity! Dont you think that is very strange with all those mods like "sexual attributes" we do not have any reactions from Male NPCs to naked girls NPC in game yet? WHY??? Why girls dont react to their nudity? Why? It is so unrealistic and non-interesting! Male NPCs can do many things, from just gazing to chasing and apploause and so on. Various dirty comments and whistlings, even laughs at naked NPCs - like it can be in real life. Nude NPC can run away from such pursuers and so on. Many interesting and simple things. Where is all this things? No any! Where arousing from being nude in Sexual Attributes mod? No any! (Or I just missfound with it.) Rape can be started if girl is naked for example. And so on!!!
  5. It is obviousely very interesting to find out something like an aliens sexual experiments at the Mothership Zeta. Is there some mods about it?
  6. Hello! Installation or work problems! When I launch Bodyslide it works, but there is no any bodies to edit in list. No any at all. Just blank All needed files was properly installed Mk3 C-Cup body, Babe. And so on. Paths to F3 folder is OK. But - no any in list. What is wrong? Need I Install CBBE?
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