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MOD Idea/request: Chaurus takeover of Skyrim mainland..

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The central idea of this mod is to: help bring about a infestation of charus/falmer/spiders in skyrim and essentially rule the skyrim as the "charus king/queen" etc..

Thematically: "Preparing the way/Inspiration"

TLDR: Outside game references/inspiration:

+ In starcraft - the zerg - for example, in order to expand your colony, you kind of have to engage in terraforming- to make the world habitable, or conducive to expanding and growing the hive.
+ In 40k, Tyranids have the genestealer cults, slowly takes over the administration/govt, etc... then one day, the "actual" tyranids show up, and the infected humans open the gates..

Same kind of concept here..
+ Outside of getting your rocks off, doesnt seem to be a reason to continue fucking spiders or chaurus..  THis provides a reason- a reason to or use for fucking while you use wonderful mods like sexlab parasites and chaurus life.  a reason to fuck after you become the queen of parasites.

I don't know the back story of how, or why yet but essentially as the player, this is how the mod would play.. you have to engage in "terraforming" and breeding programs to allow the chaurus/falmer/spiders to have a more conducive environment to live in, in the open world. Sticking with chaurus here on out: they are not ideally evolved to thrive under the sun / extreme temperatures in the wild. Caves usually maintain a static temperature. To begin the C.Husbandry program, you would build a cocoon and place it in the open world... the cocoon might require lets say: 10 charus eggs, 10 raw meat, and some other things. Using a mod like farm anywhere for example, you would have to be in range of known spawn points of chaurus.. so lets use blackreach since its familiar to all.


Week1: Establishment



Day 1:

You would travel to the entrance to black reach (lifts for example) and within a certain range you would "build" a coccoon. Could look like a spider one, or an alien egg, or __. You would place the 10 eggs, 10 raw meat, etc in it...

Days 2-3:

Every so often 2-3 days maybe? you would have to place more meat in it. There is a decent chance that 98% of all eggs will be duds.. there is a 2% chance that they will hatch....

Days 4-6;

you add more eggs, and continue adding meat. The meat is required here to both feed the existing hatchlings, and the potential hatchlings. Maybe, 1 out of every 5 has a chance to be a Chaurus Hunter

Day 7:
You now have a small colony that has a decent chance of surviving and growing...

TLDR_ you need alot of eggs, which means alot of fucking to begin with...  maybe a colony isnt safe and you cant expand until there are 4-5 fully grown chaurus from chaurus life.



Week2: Expansion
 Here, during week 2 there are two big things hat happen and a "behind the scenes":



--> Repeat Week 1. This time however, you move a little farther way from your initial colony... so where you plant is your choice, but following the big picture of the mod, your gonna plant your next one closer to winterhold.

--> Defend the hive. The chance the hive will be attacked is variable. The larger the hive, the less of a chance. The presence of hunters also decreases the chance. so, A large hive with no hunter == little chance of being attacked, Small hive with a hunter == little chance.. Not sure how, but maybe your continued contact with them / with their poison / enables you to sense danger... so even if you are down in lets say riften and your hive near winterhold is being attacked- you'll sense it, and pretty much nothing will actually happen to the hive, until you travel to it... or maybe once you sense it, you have 3-4 days to respond, otherwise there is a 99% chance your hive will be destroyed.. (give enough time to run/ride/wagon/teleport back).

--> Behind the scenes: your hives slowly begin to grow on their own... maybe adding 1-2 more chaurus (with a 5-20% chance adding 1 hunter) to the hive...



Week3: Siege begins



so, you now have a string of hive and the next one you place, you could actually get close enough to cast a fireball at a winterhold guard. Here is the problem though- If they see you planting a cocoon, its gonna make you hostile, they are gonna attack you and it, etc... so how do we invade? This is where the tyranid/genestealer part comes in. Some how, we have to do this without the jarl, or the guard commander finding out (and possibly a few others). But, we begin poisoning or infecting the towns folk.. not by killing them, but remember that quest where sam? meets you in the bar and offers you a drink and you wind up chasing some daedric thing? same concept here... you walk up to random folk, offer them a custom brewed ale.. perhaps you do a quest for them first, - basically, some way to cause enough townsfolk to "not notice" the cocoon you placed just behind that storage shed over there.. Here is where aliens and chestbursters come in to play.. see- that ale you have been continually dossing a few folk with? contains chaurus eggs... eggs that hatch, and larva that slowly feed on the insides of the host.. to break it down a little more clearly, it might look like this:

Day 1:
I began by getting friendly with the blacksmith and his wife, we had dinner at their house and i brought my special brew.... man, can they drink!

Day 2:
I had to do a quest for the shop keep, and afterwards he/she invited me for drinks at the local inn.. I shared my special brew... turns out the beggar outside was also very thirsty... I may have spilled some ale into the big barrel of ale fresh from solitude..

Days 3-4,
I share a few more with random guards, do random quests.. (simple fetch and deliver)..

Day 5-6,
enough folk seem lethargic as if something is wrong. the shop keep stayed in bed all day, and the blacksmith is vomiting blood. He just knows hes gonna have to move, something in the air here is no good..

Day 7:
I can hear things, scratching at the door.. my "senses" are telling me to use the power of my voice to "summon the hive" and some sort of battle ensues, a few charrus from existing hive show up, to support the cocoon behind the shed, the infected folk begin attacking the non infected folk, and when an infected person dies, the charus larvae pop out.. These will eventually grow into full size. random chance some die, random chance some morph into hunters.

Addendum= perhaps after the seige, as a "term of surrender"  once every few days, once a week, something like that each city or hold sends 3-5 women to the reitual chamber mentioned later, where they become impregnated - the ones that live get sent to a colony that doesnt have a brood mother, and this women then becomes the new brood mother.  I can imagine save bloat might become an issue...as there would be alot of indivdual brood between any 2 points.



**Week 4: Missionaries of a better way.
**here is where even more player agency opens up. you can essentially continue the weeks 1-3 process, but with our infected citizens- a new method has popped up. Gonna call it missionary..



"I spoke to <infected citizen> convinced them that they should move...ex: I told the blacksmith that riften was in dire need of a good blacksmith, seems he and his wife might move!"

few days, or even a week later, when you visit - and honestly here is where i kind of have a brain fart, not sure how it continues.. Does the player just show up with ale and materials to make a cocoon? or did the infected person (who is basically controlled by a hive mind at this point) set up shop, and has subconsciously been making and sharing that special brew? 

Okay, so the missionaries here, dont actually start the colonization  so much as perhaps provide a house, an inn, a room, etc  where you could place a coccon that would be free from notice by the villager- think of missionaries as a slightly easier way of placing a coccon

When you show up and talk to the blacksmith....  he is very friendly, and has a strange- to him desire to show you a special spot he just found one day..  not sure "why" he wants to show it to you, but just figured you should know..






The idea here with slowly building away from the "starting point" is that each mini hive, requires the previous to be alive. So once you built the first one and start building the second one, if the first one dies, the second one dies. This needs to be balanced so it's not a huge time sink and chore -as building new hives is already a chore.

Once the week 3 and 4 have started happening, and the human hosts become a thing, it's less important to protect the chain links so to speak.

The other overarching thing is, this incorporates the idea of human hosts, of becoming a broodmother/father, possibly human slaves and sacrifices, but does not mean all regular humans die. Think of it like a cross between having a country be overrun, and a new king established. Some previous inhabitants die, join, flee, coexist, form small pockets of rebellion, intermarry, etc.. same here



Hive structure and authority


This borrows from Chaurus Life and Sexlab Parasites a lot:   As in real life,  not every nymph will make it to worker, not every worker to reaper, etc..

Nymph  - newborns,  unable to procreate as they arent developed.  These are week, even compared to the average human.
Worker -- sexually active, but largely infertile..    maybe 5% that any given egg will hatch..  after the egg is checked for that chance to hatch, it either hatches or becomes a dud.  foot soldier.  Most will not evolve past this point. 
Reaper --  sexually active, rather fertile by their standards - maybe 15% chance any given egg will hatch. While deadly, very much a "stud" (the flying kind)
Broodmother -- human..  a stand in for the queen- call it the tyrants queen...
Tyrant -- sexually active, but prolonged mating  becomes deadly..  There can only be one reaper per hive...  If there are two, they fight until one dies or flees.   Fleeing ones are still deadly, and capable of perhaps making new hives..  to prevent save bloat, the tribute women offered by various places that get sent off to be brood mothers, are sent off to be the "mates" of the tyrant....  so, the tyrant might get a clutch or two from the broodmother, before the broodmother dies.

Queen-- the player....able to mate without danger with the tyrant if she so chooses.

"Hive mind"  whether or not this is implemented in the game or not- the hive mind drives EVERYTHING.  even the queen answers to it... 

---- how to reach next stage of evolution

Say a maximum of 15% of any eggs will hatch .

Hatch -- Nymph
All hatched eggs start out as nymphs.....   for a nymph to evolve,   it must pass a time check (how long has it been alive).  food check (has the broodmother or queen neglected to bring food?)  so basically if it needs to eat once a day, for 7 days...  and requires a peice of meat....   Each nymph requires 7 pieces of meat to be placed in the cocoon..  if you have 10 nymphs, you need 70 meat..  if you have 10 identical hives, you need 700 meat.   Time and food are equallyl waited in the math

SO a nymph passes the time and food check (and also hasn't been killed by random things)  it becomes a worker....the foot solderer..     Here, the food requirement drops off a good bit..  so following my example - lets say 10 nymphs make it and become workers...   they are now considered able to kind of "find their own food"..  so maybe each worker only needs 1 meat every 7 days...  however it also needs sex and time and possibly violence.. when there are a large number of workers, the chance that the hive is noticed by humans and attacked is increased..  not overwhelming attacks or anything  but maybe 4-5 armed bandits. This can either be simulated - i.e in a different zone you get a warning your hive is being attacked.  If you don't show up in 3-4 days you get a second warning:  "your hive was attacked and is  < good / okay / in danger / destroyed>"   lets says say those 10 workers,  Violence accounts for say 50% of the chance a worker evolves.  25%  is how many times it has mated.... hell, 1 fuck == 1 %.... and 25% is time...  has it been ___ long enough....  basically,  So a unsexed worker that is otherwise alive but is a lol virgin,   has a 50% chance  a very sexed worker, might have a 75%  basically, any  given worker has between a 50 - 75% chance to become a reaper.. 

-- it is my hope that as a result of violence,  not all workers will be alive, so using my 10 as an example.. the colony was attacked,   3 workers died.  so there are 7 left...    after 7 days  from becoming  originally (the time requirement),  3 of the workers are "virgins"   so 3*50%  rounded down become reapers...  the 4 non virgin workers,   75% of them become reapers...  so out of the 7 remaining workers,  4 workers become reapers.  the remaining 3 also die - adding to the available food..

***REMEMBER, at all points, ideally you are still having new nymphs hatched...  so your still fucking your chaurus, adding eggs and meat to the cocoon, etc

Carrying on, you now have 4 reapers,  x nymphs, x workers.    You can have a reaper follow you around as a companion.. but the presence of a reaper upps the chance off attack....on your hive... so once you achieve 5 living reapers, your hive is now considered self sustaining in that, you dont necessarily need to do anything but add mroe eggs to the coccon to replace those lost by attacks...      for a reaper to become a tyrant - and there can only be one tyrant  lets say either per hive, or in game period...  the reaper needs   Sex  + time...  so remember, included in that time, is the fact that it has to of survived attacks....  so basically,  the chance for any of them to evolve is like this:    35% of chance is its age.. 40% chance sex...  so basically in theory if you wanted to fuck each reaper 40 times and they were all equally old, then yes,  85% might evolve..  Each time the hive assualt event happens,  fulfillls 5% of the needed time requirement to eveolve into a tyrant..  to save on complexity, while 85% of them could have evolved, only  one will actually have a chacne..  so it is worth while to have as many reapers, as you only have an 85% chance..  so if you have one reaper, get a bad dice roll, then you have no tyrant.

** Ill spell it out how it all works  a little later

You got pregnant, layed your first clutch.
Week 1 begins when whatever of your clutch that is going to hatch, hatches..  you feed your hatchilings. lay more eggs

week 2 beings - whatever remaining hatchlings there are become workers...  new hatchlings hatch..  your first batch of hatlings all morphed to workers.. 3% chance per worker chance of attack


by the beginning of week 7, you have one worker alive from your first clutch...
remember - 35% of the chance it evolves is based on time (aka living surviving attacks).  each survived attack is worth 5%...   so

7 weeks == 7 attacks survived.  7 attacks survived * 5 points per attack == 35 points, or 35%..  it also fucked 40 times.....  1 fuck == 1 point.  40 fucks == 40 points or 40%

Attack points 35 + fuck points 40 == 75 points or %.

Well, since there he has the highest score, he becomes a reaper..

hopefully that kind of shows where im going?



So there it is - along the themes of building a hive, taking over skyrim, and helping evolve chaurus (through breeding programs) into a species capable of surviving better in the open vs just caves..   Its kind of like farming eh?  but doesnt just happen witout player taking an active role (like draugurock).. the more active you are in feeding/fucking/defending your hives, the more they grow...  but if you dont tend your garden, its chance of growing are very hindered.. (not impossible, but if you dont weed your garden, dont water, etc what usually happens?)

" When a hive fleet encounters a prey world, it does not invade for territorial gain or out of a sense of pride or vengeance. Indeed, it is doubtful the Tyranids even comprehend such alien concepts. Rather, they invade to harvest valuable biomass and feed their insatiable hunger. The Tyranids require an endless supply of food, not only to nourish the hive fleets, but to grow new Tyranid organisms. Therefore, when a hive fleet invades a planet rich in life, every action of every Tyranid creature is honed to a single goal -- the total and rapid absorption of that world's population, ecosystems and bio-resources. To this end, the hive fleet creates an army with the express purpose of overcoming the prey world’s defenders before the planet is stripped of every scrap of biomatter and devoured. "  https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Hive_Fleet

Terraforming starting from existing habital places:
"Zerg structures are effectively giant organs, making a Zerg colony a living creature. To provide the required nourishment and infrastructure, the Zerg produce a living carpet of bio-matter that invading forces have dubbed the Creep."  https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Creep

I feel like alot of the scripting work is actually done, short of a few tweaks.... but i cant script so no earthly idea..  just seems there are alot of existing mods that have parts... 

If you look at the mod on nexus called "Farm everywhere" and "Live anywhere"  both have rather open permissions in terms of using, provided credit is given when due.

Both seem to have a very common theme.....  "Place something in the game world, at a specific spot, that was not there before and becomes static/interactable"  I just cant seem to properly tweak any of it to work in the new manner.

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Saved -- rambling about implementation ideas? cuz /shrug

On the terra forming...


operating on the assumption that a cell is made of several ugrids...

If i come out of the dwarven ruins via a lift-   I am standing in grid 1..  that means, around me there are 8 grids,   that is 9 grids total.

- So if the anchor the hive in grid 1.  Over time, the creep (to borrow from starcraft2 atm) fills up  all 9 grids...  (changes ground color, doesn't necessarily change structures or anything).  Im standing in O.  Anchor could be a egg cluster.


Once  all 9 grids are filled up.. (im still in center grid)

I can move any direction, up to 3 grids away....(standing in 1)  (Y starts new set of 9 grids)

Y 1 Y

Attempting to place "1"  any further from "O"    but, placing it closer to 1 would work?>

On final placement before invasion of a city...   When you come to the final placement  Not sure if following the grid idea above would work perfectly...  but, I think you would want to get close to either the Inn, Townhall, Well, or alchemists shop  as a viable anchor..   maybe a check.... ?

If creep detected within x  grids AND NPCs within  X grids are <infected> , egg sac is placeable?



Rationale for allowing chaurus to thrive outside of caves?   - 


in the real world, humans have done all sorts of genetic engineering, hybridization, etc etc...  pretending to live in the medieval/dark ages or whatever Skyrim would be - I doubt they understand the mechanisms by which chaurus would be appearing, or capable of outside growth and development...  My contention is that - as a result of human breeding, and human eating  genetic material is "taken" from the human, and the offspring are an adaption

Collection of existing mods that flesh out other different things - some more integral, some simply by mechanics..


a) the farm anywhere mod...  allows you to grab a hoe, strike anywhere, a static soil thingy pops up taht allows you to plant seeds/eggs,  one can go into tessedit, change the .dds for said soil sample, and suddenly- when you whack three times, an empty chaurus nest pops up, that you can interact with.. you plant chaurus eggs in it, and in a period of time a single chaurus spawns...  Now- admittedly the authors mission is complete, but the tweaks that would be made to a mod like that would be:   1) spawn more than one chaurus at a time 2) a little more ingredient intensive (example 5 eggs+ human meat). 3) egg clusters must be within a certain range of an established cluster.

B)  Sexlab parasites - integral, as this covers the "how you become broodmother" and sets you up as broodmother..

C) chaurus life - integral, as big picture this covers the idea of growing your hive...   establish,  grow, strengthen, weed out weakness,

D) I forget the name - but there is amod that allows you to give <anything> to a npc.   this fits in perfectly with a central theme in my idea- about preparing the way for invasion, poisoning towns folk so they turn a blind eye to impending doom...

E) egglaying mods with the addon - if you make edits to estrus chaurus esp  and this mod,   you can have npcs birth parasitic eggs from EC+ that then hatch...

F) a mod like succubus heart or soul pets that allows you to send your chaurus follower to rape a NPC... (which is then picked up by EC+)

G) Pregnancy mods- the way I kind of see the idea here is that, you arent a super predator, immortal god.  more of a glass cannon- albeit unusual. Having some ways to slow things down, in a kind of reasonable way- not just because...  imagine how a mom carrying octopulets would feel near full term..  not very fast.. probably weak, exhausted...    The idea behind the weeks thing is that this very much becomes a way to play skyrim, not a get your rocks off on a seperate instaliation..  what a pregnancy mod introduces is the idea that, "in order to conquer, every so often you have to return to your home, and rest"   - rest here being "grow your main hive- get preggo, lay eggs"  then, when you feel strong enough - back at it.

TLDR on this - there are various elements and aspects of the idea already accomplished and out there, but they all kind of go different ways, or stop short, etc  (which is fine, it wasnt the intent of their mod).

MCM Ideas



a)  quest driven route- where by you start from a cave, or blackreach  and build certain directions at certain times......  Not a whole mess of quessts, but lets say you start at blackreach... your first quest is establish a line to winterhold.  no time limit or anything.  once winterhold falls, second quest, from blackreach to another hold.  third quest - from winter hold to <hold A> and from winterhold to <hold B>  basically, quests == specific cities and locations in a specific order.    

b) freeform - start from a few select locations (basically one quest: "start from <a,b,c,d,e> and go wherever>  quest completes once you start.

c) debuff severity

d) custom settings - example if attacks on your terraforming operations are allowed-  chance they happen, and frequency.



in keeping with the glass cannon and chaurus sort-of-lore def a bit more coming on this end

To be honest, I feel like the buffs from chaurus queen in sexlab parasites are more than enough.  Coupled with the likely scenario that most folk who actually would play this idea/mod  are likely gonna rely on more skills than just spamming poison spit and calling the brood.  so, on account of that, IM gonna suggest some debuffs, only and possibly a skill tree.. (replace vampire or wolf?)

Debuff:  Occur when your battery runs out.  Basically, kind of like a needs thing..  "go sleep in your cave for _______" to recharge
Similar vampire like weaknesses to daylight and fire - perhaps more drastic on fire..
Speechcraft, stealth, destruction debuff.
<can only get benefit from human meat>

Skill tree- resembles a chaurus head with mandibles, first point is at the base of the head where it joins the neck.  is if you are looking from above, it branches <mandible> to left and right

Experience increases for using spit successfuly, breeding, maybe calling hive... but you would get roughly the same exp in chaurus queen tree as you would in any other tree for killing completing any regular quest, or clearing a dungeon..

I kind of assume, dream, hope one could start the game as the chaurus queen and have a real, honest, fun skyrim playthrough.. as such- when perks talk about buffing things, its with the assumption that you started out doing as much damage with acid spit as you did with flames in helgen escaping the dragon.

Perk:   Index:   B(x)  B== branch, X == first or second branch from previous. 
    Poison becomes stronger...  2-3 ranks Max rank - spit has a chance to paralyze for 3-5 seconds... Branches - B1, B2
     B1: exoskeleton - becomes stronger... *perhaps some way to make sure doesnt get double benefit from heavy/light armor trees??
     B2:  Terrifying beauty -- > buffs slightly, maybe by 1 point per perk, 3-5 points max..
     B1.1  time until debuffs take effect increases...  debuffs start at 3 days... first point adds 12 hours, second adds 24, third adds 48.  so grand total after max rank is you can go about 6.5 days before debuffs.
     b2.1  run speed slightly increased 
     Honestly kind of stuck here, but these to would join the head together, next run begins the mandibles...  I think mandibles atleast should be locked behind completion of invading holds... with final point unlocking when all holds are conquered..   

  maybe a final skillpoint - venom is so toxic, that there is a decent chance that it will melt through whatever the npc is equipped with.. meaning, they are stipped naked, when they die its armor/weapons arent lootable, etc..

quests: more on this later for sure

Listening quest- starts when you are done with SLP and are chaurus queen.



Pick a location to build too----

once all holds are done ----- outlying settlements...

<Listening start quest - requires you be be chaurus queen from SLP>----> now that im queen,  i should build my hive.......
    <go to area outside blackreach entrance, place first cluster (with whatever ingredients are required)>

    < Pick a hold to build to>
        <build to hold>
                <Now that I am in hold, should i recruit people to help grow my hive>   
                            If yes:
                                <find atleast one, max 3 females that live after drinking ___ or fucking a chaurus___>
                                 <Send the females to various cities; what they do there not sure, since the fun doesnt really start until you arrive>
                           if no:
                               <pick a city to go to next>
                           <check - are all holds invaded?>  
                                 If yes:
                                     <random comments from villagers "all hail the queen">
                                     < Optional ability to command some females to "make eggs" that at somepoint, they give to you>
                                  If no:
                                    <repeat build hold>

             <While building holds>
                            <chance hive is attacked - related to size of hive and location..  small have near white run, has more of a chance than large hive near  blackreach, if the chain is complete between two points, less of a chance of successful attacks>
                            <If link in chain of hives is destroyed, have to rebuild within certain time period- or other chives in the chain start to die off>
                                             ---> should be an honest, decent chance of either outcome..
                                             ----> no more than two hives being attacked at anytime- to give youa  chance to teleport and protect- if you decide to, or let hive defend itself..


New location:


    remember in alien vs predator, there was some sort of sacrificial chamber with beds in a circle and a spot where facehugger eggs would pop up?  New location here,  similar vibes....  player home, but more bugg like- so skip these grand mansions with pots of gold and 1000 soul gems laying around..  

    addmittedly when it comes to the mod, ideas of ocnsent are very loosely defined..  I veiw the sacrifical part of the house, as a  late middle/ early late - mod/game feature.

conceptually how this would work is you would convince- say with a high skill check - virgin women of skyrim, to be locked on their back and continually impregnated/giving birth to eggs or chaurus.  these eggs would work with the "call the brood spell" ..   they wouldnt produce alot, but the idea here is that by this time in the game.... After so many matings, perhaps the women would die, or trasnform into a slightly larger chaurus themselves (say scale 1.5/2)  and you would need to find more willing victims....   

you are probably chasing high level enemies.. probably gotten to the point where you dont need to recharge/ deal with debuffs as frequently..  so, you get a little extra help...  feels like there is already enough of a potential god complex, so i dont want to have this be the same as adding 1000000000 million gold, or turning  you invincible...  at all points of the mod... YOU can still die, your brood can STILL be destroyed, but as progression happens, you survive better......  much the same way one starts with iron armor early in the game, and late game is probably full daedric..  both are capable of death, but death comes slower in daedric..

IN terms of size and amenities:   kind of needs to be more of a wolves den/insect den than something with a lot of rooms...  

A basic bed setup with night stand maybe...  basic crafting...... basic bookshelf.... 

THe sacrificial part of the chamber/home i view as looking like the place where you find serana..  Perhaps instead of a coffin in the middle, there isa rift/ portal this portal is "visible" from the outside world.. (big purple light going into the night sky or something)... and allows you to be your own black reach so to speak, your own invasion point..  id kind of like this to be located around the falkreth/ riften / helgen area..

At times, travelers or a small group of 3-4 warriors or something come in, attack and maybe kill your breeders, destroy some eggs..you dont get  a warning, only happens when your away, and the longer you are away the greater the chance..  you will have plenty of ways to rebuild, etc... so in many ways- this erves to help keep things in check...


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19 minutes ago, DeepBlueFrog said:

Cool ideas if somehow Parasites can fit in them :)


Are you aware of this other effort?




Aye, if i follow correct- at this time  it seems his intent is more inline with growing the hive...(somewhere in his forum post i did a shorter version of my op).

Looking at your mod(s) as well, I see two mods and an idea so far..

It seems your mod  is about making/birthing the mod..  - become queen,
It seems his mod is  the "animal husbandry part"  
<Chaurus take over> is about  continuing the story- kind of a why to keep fucking chaurus..

there is of course some overlap, and so forth..


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There is another mod though it has a lot of issues and needs to be reworked on all aspects of it but if you will the back bone is there, it could tie in with chaurus life, parasites as well as your idea here and the is things in the dark, it has taken and started to control of Skyrim from the shadow and slowly asserting its influence in skyrim, as I stated, it is a problematic mod and it is a big mod, it would take a lot of effort to get it working well.

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