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I have tried downloading many of this mods and none have worked the sounds and all will load during the act but all just leave the ppl standing there naked I am new to modding and have no idea what I'm doing.


I'm just trying to play oblivion in a new way and mod it into a new game if anyone can help me 

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You're going to have to give more detail than that for us to give actually useful advice.


What Mod Manager are you using? Do you use Wrye Bash? Did you install manually?

Which mods did you install? It sounds like you got all the dependencies, at least, since the game loaded.

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Sexlivion and Lovers with Pk each have their own sex mechanics and will conflict with each other.  Another mod that has its own sex animatics would be Claudia's Little Secret.  Between the three, you can only have one running. 


Meanwhile, the Daedra Sutra was crafted for an older version of Lovers with PK.  And I never bothered with the supplemental ... (checking) ... hrm... well, that beats getting them one at a TIME!


And in regards of Lovers with PK, mods do need to be placed in a certain order, so please examine the topic which you can reach by clicking the yellow link in my signature.

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