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Crashes, help needed

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I've been experiencing crashes since may. Repaired, cleaned cache, then played without mod with several saves and no more crash. So I reinstalled mods little by little, MCCC and WW first, then animations from veteran and honorary creators... My game still crashes.  In my mod folder, there are 4 subfolders :


- Animations folder : honorary and veteran creators + Azmodan strapon ;


- MCCC folder (latest version) ;


- Body folder, inside two subfolders : FBD + shameless underwear ;


- WW folder (latest version).


Where am i mistaken ?


For now, this is what conflict detector displays.





For example, when i click on "wild guy pubic hairdynamic package", conflictdetector displays 23 conflicts, most of them with other animations (mike24, Azmodan...). And  when i click on "mc_cmd_center package", conflictdetector also displays conflicts, with animations. Animations are also in conflict with animations. I have no clue on how to fix this issue.


Thanks for reading

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After downloading Better Exception from Timex, here's what the first report displays after announcing 17 incompatible packages :




For Wickedwhims tuning, i get this message :

TURBODRIVER:WickedWhims_Apply_BackUpper_Cum | cum_layer_type has an invalid value for <enum <class 'int'>: CumLayerType> specified: BACK. Setting to default value CumLayerType.NONE


Or for Anarcis animations :


 ANARCIS:WickedWoohooAnimations | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for <Unnamed> in Instance: 6204816090412118527 (ANARCIS:WickedWoohooAnimations), Types.SNIPPET. Expected 'L', got 'T'


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5 hours ago, orion75 said:

Thank you. Not understanding the cause was getting on my nerves. Now that I know i'll be waiting for a release.

New WW version is out now.


I'd also change the location of Wild Guy's Details since they need to load before WW.

WW is only one folder deep so Wild Guy's can only be one folder deep otherwise WW loads first.


I just use Body Details by Wild Guy in the Mods folder.

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Unfortunately, I still have crashes. This is what I can read after BE reports 15 incompatibilities :





On clicking on show tuning, this is the kind of message we can read. Example for two animations. :


OLL Animations (AP) | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for <Unnamed> in Instance: 363825734634562295 (OLL Animations (AP)), Types.SNIPPET. Expected 'L', got 'T'


ZORAK:WW_Zorak_Animation | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for <Unnamed> in Instance: 18082751134325341537 (ZORAK:WW_Zorak_Animation), Types.SNIPPET. Expected 'L', got 'T'

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1 hour ago, HuskTheHelpful said:

I wouldn't trust conflict/incompatibility detectors. In my experience they're not too reliable, and mostly just cause confusion.

If an animator made an animation, they had to have tested it in their game so the chance animation is causing a crash is virtually zero.

Check out this page, maybe something on there will help: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/game-crash


Thank you for the link (read everything). Now this is my Mods folder when the crash occured :




Inside Animations :




Inside Djelle hairdo for woohoo 2.2 (removed files about male's part) :




Inside bugfixes :




Inside FBD :




Inside Shameless underwear from Wild Guy :





Inside MCCC :





Inside WW mod :


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Other clues maybe. When I start a new save, when choosing a sim, mods activated :




When loading a save (with lots and households added), when choosing a sim, mods activated :




Thanks for your suggestions.

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What I'd do is first and foremost remove everything except WW from your Mods folder.

If your game works fine, then something else is an issue, in which case you do the 50/50 method and you should locate the culprit sooner rather than later.

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FBD was the mod that caused crashes. Played without it for 3 weeks (in game) and everything ran smoothly. It's weird, many players use FBD and no issue. Anyway it works fine now.


If someone could recommend me a similar mod i'd be grateful.

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