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Can't sprint anymore.

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I've googled that issue and found a post with a workaround, pressing 'r' to draw  a weapon while sprinting that worked. Same post blamed it on animations beeing weird, appearently it's an issue that can happen in vanilla... However, if anybody knows how to fix this instead of having me draw weapons every time... that would be much appretiated. Bonus points if i get a clue how that happens.^^

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12 hours ago, Nazzzgul666 said:

Bonus points if i get a clue how that happens.^^

If it happens again look at active magic effects on player. You can look where your magic mcm that shows all your spells, there is a sub menu in there that shows if you have a blessing from statue active, if your sick. I would also open console with tilde key and click on player and look at active effects there too.  

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