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No vertical mouse-look while player is moving.

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Like the title says: my mouse up-down view is frozen any time I'm moving, although first-person still works fine. 

It's a recent thing, but after many hours of experimentation, I'm still unable to understand this. 

I can see from side to side, but not up/down. When standing still, everything works. 

Does anybody know about this? 


Thank you. 



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Did you install a mod that in any way edits the mouse movement functionality? A camera mod or a mod that forces the camera to do certain things? The answer is most likely in your mod list, revise it and check for potential faulters.

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Good heavens! How did you discover that? It worked! Thank you so much. 

The file was called FirstPersonPlugin.dll and just renaming it to FirstPersonPlugin.dll0 didn't do it. But deleting it did. 



Good job! 


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