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I've been installing many mods, to improve the texture quality of the characters, the physics, and the animations. So far I haven't been able to get the mods to work properly so I had to uninstall and reinstall them several times. I'd like to know what's the correct order of installation of the following mods, for Skyrim SSE

Address Library for SKSE
MFG fix
JContainers SE



I am fairly new to this, and unfamiliar with all mods, so you can suggest any other mod to enhance the experience, if you want.


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Install order only matters if you're doing manual installs (not recommended when there are mod manager that can ease the burden) or using NMM and accepting every overwrite prompt (not the best way of doing things). With other mod managers like Vortex and MO2 there is no need to worry about that as you can change things on the fly. So my first recommendation would be pick a mod manager and learn to use it.


For the mods you list the order is fine for the most part. There are a couple of changes and things I'm not sure.

  • SKSE64 - sure
  • Address Library for SKSE - yeh
  • Papyrus - Papyrus what? if this is PapyrusUtil this install will be overwritten by other mods containing its own PU version, so I would move this near the bottom of the list
  • MFG fix - aha
  • SkyUI - okay
  • OSA - oh, so you're going the OSex rute, okay. Just keep in mind you'll need to use mods compatible with OSex/OStim, mods made for Sexlab won't work out of the box
  • OSEX - the logical next step
  • XPMSE - why do you have XPMSE and XPMSSE here? you only need the one for SE
  • XPMSSE - yeah, the one for SE
  • FNIS - cool, remember to use its executable and check any install/config instructions for your chosen mod manager
  • JContainers SE - sure, this one can go almost anywhere as I'm not aware of any mod overwriting it
  • Schlongs - Okay, remember to get the one for SE and check if you need to do something in particular to make it work with OStim
  • Ostim - yup
  • Cumshot - this is a Sexlab mod, is this a version that works with OSex/OStim? if not it won't work
  • HDT-SMP - it's fine here, just keep in mind some mods will offer custom config files for this or for CBPC and you'll need to see if they're okay for your system and let these files overwrite the default files from HDT-SMP and CBPC
  • CBPC - aha, same as above, keep in mind if you add mods containing config files
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