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CBBB 3BBB: no difference in movement between cup sizes

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I can toggle between CPBC and SMP with the hotkey. Then when I use the spell on my character to change between the cup sizes (A, B, C or D), I can't see any difference in breast movement.


I would like to lower the breast movement. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

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For SMP response, afaik, your breast weighting is determined "at birth, ie, when you install CBBE-3BBB or BHUNP and select a cup size, so I think the only way you can change that is by reinstalling CBBE-3BBB/BHUNP and choosing a new cup size.


This will (?obviously?) require rebuilding your body and refitting any associated clothing. Not so much to increase to reduce your breast *size* (as set by bodyslide sliders in your bodyslide preset), but to establish the physics that affects its body/outfit's response.


For adjusting CBPC response, you can either modify the ini files or use a mod like Sinful CBP

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Ok, I see. I vaguely remember having seen such options (like elasticity or boob size) when installing CBBE 3BA (3BBB) ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174?tab=description ). I will look into it again.


- But funny then, why would 4 spells regarding different cup sizes be added? For controlling NPCs?


Regarding BodySlide: I first built the body using the CBBE body. I noticed that some outfits from Vtaw Wardrobe 5 (for CBBE SE - CBBE SMP - CBBE 3BA - BodySlide) ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44838 ) were perfectly aligned, others showed clipping and/or vanishing textures (not all outfits fully BodySlide compatible??). The second time, I built my body using the CBBE 3BBB Amazing Body. Here I noticed that fewer outfits were available when batch building. I am a bit confused now:

- Which body will be used in the game? Always the last one built? Overwriting any previously built bodies?

- What happens with outfits that were built the first time around (with CBBE body), and were not chooseable the second time (with CBBBE 3BA)?

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On 5/26/2021 at 7:30 AM, Gudulba said:

- But funny then, why would 4 spells regarding different cup sizes be added? For controlling NPCs?

yes. that's exactly what they're for. Four cup-sized hotkeys to mode-switch for NPCs, and one for the player (the latter fixed to whichever cup up physics you chose during installation)


your naked/never-nude (options)  player body will be based on which ever last build of the player body you performed in Bodyslide


As to fitting clothing/armor, the associated body displayed depends on the clothing/armor mod's reference body, since the torso, arms, or feet will be replaced by the one included with the torso, arm, or feet coverings while equipping them



you built a CBBE-3BBB body

you download and install "HawtChick Lingerie v2.34.6 (CBBE) which comes with a bodyslide

you then try to fit it. But it never quite fits correctly, and the body looks wrong.


Well that's because you installed the CBBE version, not the CBBE-3BBB version (I could as easily insert UUNP, or BHUNP, or one of other NOT CBBE-3BBB versions), since each has its own set of adjustable values, which aren't generally compatible.


conclusion, only install armors and clothing (and other wearables) suitable to your chosen body model, OR.... live with whatever disparities occur as a result of not following that rule. 


Anyway, if you reinstalled the body model, you need to rebuild your body and afaik, then refit your clothing/armor items

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