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Chain Beasts Male to Female Patch.

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Chain Beasts Male to Female Patch.

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These file patch makes Chain Beasts allow you to capture female as a male *. Whatever reason I have no idea why the Author did not add these.


REQ: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34346 




According to what I understand, the time captives are held is in real time or 'play time' not game time. Saving would be wise before constructing any CB items. Ya can't get rid of them after if you make a mistake.

The minimum amount of time you can set the chairs for is 1 hour. The calipers set the # of hours in the chair before being released. ( I'm assuming it's a 1-1 ratio) so 1 caliper is 1 hour of play time.

The # of tongs sets the random hours. (assuming the 1-1 ratio again) if you put 5 tongs in the marker, then random captives will spend 5 hrs in the chairs.

Quills set the levers activation per hour when they aren't set to manual.

The eyes set the number of total CB allowed to spawn for that chair stations control area. (each egg only spawns 2 CB at a time. You need to set the total CB allowed per hour via the egg creation spell BEFORE creating the egg.)
Additionally if you set up chair stations to close to each other, they compete for 'crawlers'. The losing station receives a scythe in it's marker, making that station inactive.

As for the codes,"set uchainbeastquest.maleok to 1" allows male PCs to activate the eggs. This state should be remembered in save games.
If the PC is male then only male characters are captured. By default only non-tailed female player characters can activate the eggs (set uchainbeastquest.maleok to 0). The CBs only capture female NPCs/PCs by default as well. Males and tailed females can be knocked down by Chain Beasts, but they are not stripped or chained, and will revive after a while. Odd as one would assume if your PC is male the code allows the CB's to capture both sexes, not just females.

keep in mind that if your pc is male and you use 'set chainbeastquest.maleok to 1' and the code for kaijits and/or arigonians it will still only go after males. If your PC is female and you use the codes as above, the CBs target everyone.


  1. semi quick work around for the docking (Continuous circling)
    go into TES with UChainBeast.esp as the active file in the object window
    aylied ruins
    look for the id UchainbeastDoor01
    right click it and select edit
    second item is script click on ... next to the text
    then replace it with
    Scriptname UChainbeastDoorScript

    ref actor

    Begin OnActivate

    set actor to getactionref

    if actor.getequipped uchainbeastgag03
    actor.removeitem uchainbeastgagkey 100
    message "Only captives may enter !"

    and that lets you in without having to go through the capture then compile and save and everything should work however i have only tested this on mine but it works


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Hey sunhawken, I have experienced with your patch that the PC, both male and female, is immune to the knockdown and further script effects of the Chainbeasts, only NPCs are getting affected.

The player will just get beaten to death, no matter how often the beasts strike at him/her.

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