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Call 911, Peeping NPC Sims break into my Home

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It often happens that peeping Sims enter my house walk through the house

to the Balcony at the 2nd floor and start peeping through the balcony window.

Its a bit strange that some stalker/peeping guy breaks into the house.


Is there a way to prevent Peeping NPC Sims from entering the House?


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2 hours ago, HuskTheHelpful said:

Do you have sliding doors in your Sims' house?

I've seen this happen myself when a peeping sim would walk through the front door and head to the second story.

Had the sliding doors from Moschino pack as the front door. I also had a sliding door in the back but access was blocked by a fence.

Are you suggesting that would be the problem? If so, that's interesting.

Do peeping sims not look at  sliding doors as a real doors?

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Hoped there would be another solution than locking the doors.


And yes both Houses where it happens have these Sulani Sliding Doors....

and in my third household ...can't remember that it happend there and that one got no sliding doors... need to check that

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20 hours ago, BatDood said:

Are you suggesting that would be the problem? If so, that's interesting.

Do peeping sims not look at  sliding doors as a real doors?

As far as I know yes, for some reason Sims don't see Sliding Doors as a real barrier, and that'd apply to all Sims not just the Peepings.

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you are right.


In my other House at New Crest, with normal doors

 they are just going into the backyard garden but no one enters the home to go to the windows in 2nd floor


that issue only happens at Houses with Sliding doors,

at one Sulani Home they even swim throug the ocean to get to the backdoor (a Sliding door) to enter the house and don't use the normal front door

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50 minutes ago, Sandatharius said:

I'm trying to determine whether you want Tom or Tina Peeping to be in the game at all? If you don't want them in the game, just disable Peeping Sims in Wicked Settings.

Just create a hot looking sim or two in CAS and give them the peeping trait.

Tina and/or Tom will never spawn. You can leave peeping active and get the best of both worlds.

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