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How to convert Oldrim mod to Oblivion ?

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time and effort costs will be unrealistically large. The difficulty is not even in making animation for physical carts, but in correctly exporting it to the game from 3D programs. You will need to assemble a skeleton (actor + horse) for import and export, for example, for 3ds max, see how the collision-displacement bone works on it and in general what it is. In general, there are many difficulties.

If you decide to spend all your time on this, you can first look at how the TES 4 Oblivion "Honda NR500 motorcycle is implemented.

(But, without knowledge of 3dsMax, it is better not to suffer. )

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13 hours ago, jimcim said:

How about using some tool like Cathedral Assets Optimizer - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316 ?

And What it do for Oblivion?


In Oblivion, a completely different system for controlling the actor (moving him(actor) in the world - running, walking) through animation, for example, the character moves and its collision by animation in the xy plane by controlling the same animation on the Bip01 bone, but in Skyrim this is done by the engine directly, just for the timing of the animation, but NOT via  animation)


For example, I took static animations (dances)



and transferred the movements from the NonAccumulator bone in the xy plane to the Bip01 bone (but not rotations !, they need to be left for non-Accumulator ) , and I got a real movement for a simple dance animation. In this oblivion is easier than skyrim, and what you want to do is real, but it takes a lot of time and knowledge of 3dsmax, for example.


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