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  • The TamagoClub.esm is the master mod (hence esm) that handles the male/female reproductive system.
  • The HiyokoClub.esm is the master mod that handles the mechanics of children and triggered childbirth.
  • The LoversTamagoClub.ess is the plugin mod (hence esp) that works with LAPF to handle the ejaculation system and generate TamagoClub sperm after sex.
  •  --- other stuff in the package is related to the children's generation ---

So you're curious about the female reproductive system set by TamagoClub.  Well, the system handles two different cycles, the menstrual cycle and the pregnancy cycle.  And your curiosity is regarding the former.  And the menstrual cycle is in the format of  Early Follicular, Late Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal.


  • The Early Follicular stage starts when one begins her period.  Oh, and there's mods for Tamago that makes one have period discharges visible.
  • The Late Follicular stage is a stage that matures the eggs before ovulation.... and so we get to...
  • The Ovulation stage is where the ovum is released.  This stage is typically a short stage (one day by default), and the ovums/eggs last one day in general as well. Fertilization with sperm needs to occur while the egg before it dies, turning the ovum into a Fertilized Ovum.
  • The Luteal phase is the phase where the womb is receptive to implantation of a fertilized egg.  Once the fertilized egg has been secured and begins to be nourished, it can develop into an embryo and pregnancy can begin.


*   *   *   *


; Fertilization rate / 4h [%]
set a4tc.FertilizationRate to 15.0


The settings for TamagoClub and its INI file set the chance of fertilization at 15% chance ever 4 hours.  And that is for the 1-day it has to live. Honestly, I never looked TOO much at the rate, but I believe that is per sperm.  Still, if a female got into a party and got 5 sperm-qty loads from 8 guys (aka 40 sperm), each one has a 15% chance of fertilization.  Theoretically, they ALL can fail.  At the same time, a girl could have a one-night stand with Mr pencil-dick with a weak 1-sperm ejaculation and get knocked up with the 15% chance.


; Implantation (conception) rate / 4h [%]
set a4tc.ConceptionRate to 5.0


Meanwhile, the chance of implementation in TamagoClub is a mere 5% chance every 5 hours.  However, this is under two considerations, first is that implementation is ONLY during the Luteal stage and second is that the Fertilized Egg is TWO days, not one.  So if an egg is fertilized at the last minute and Luteal just begins, the chance of Implementation of a Fertilized egg can occur 5% up to 12 times (every four hours for two full days).


Basic lifespans for Egg, Ovum, and Fertilized ovum are defined as follows:

set a4tc.SpermLife to 60 * 24 * 2

set a4tc.OvumLife to 60 * 24 * 1

set a4tc.FertilizedOvumLife to 60 * 24 * 2


The above formulas are 60 minutes X 24 hours x 1 (or 2) days.  And yes, it appears that only the ovums last a mere 1 day, the sperm and fertilized ovum two days. But that is a basis...


The lifespans (or energy) of an ovum is partially based on the health of the female's womb.  The healthier the womb, the longer it may last. And the player's womb does age.  So the longer the gameplay... the shorter the lifespan.  Granted, I have never seen anything significant there.... but it is a detail from the original design.


*   *   *   *


Now, when it comes to Pregnancy, the First Stage of Pregnancy begins after the above Luteal stage IF a fertilized Ovum successfully implants and becomes an embryo.  The 1st stage doesn't start automatically after implementation, only after the Luteal stage has finished. 


Second stage... ya get chubbier (of course) and the embryo changes into a fetus midway.


Third stage, you get a chance of delivery every 4 hours.... and this can go into a later PostTerm pregnancy. (basically a 4th).


After pregnancy, you go into a PostPartum stage where the body resets.  It is not unlike a Luteal stage in duration.  And after that, you restart back into Early Follicular and the cycle begins anew.





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8 hours ago, sunhawken said:

You happen to have any icon ideas for tamago/hiyoko your raperS icons where good.

Ah....  Sentence structure.  I was initially wondering what you said.  Ya kinda missed punctuation. :D  Actually, I never thought about it. But I guess the 'Settings' spells could be given a little extra love, right?


Since I got my new PC, I haven't installed much anything as yet... just the most basic LAPF... and not even Tam/Hiy yet.

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