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How do you have unsatisfied sex with a spouse/partner?

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Despite having zero sexual sexpertise and even attempting to give the male a small or hell big penis with opposite preferences by the female partner - they always have amazing sex!  I'm not sure if this is simply because they are in a happy marriage, flirty mood when they have sex which puts them into "good sex moods" but I've found it lterally impossible to get them ever to have unsatisfied sex.


I'm wondering if there is some special secret sauce to this?  Yes I know its a weird question but kinda feels unrealistic that they are having the best sex ever without any skill in it.  Although love is blinding...

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On 5/22/2021 at 3:38 PM, RmX93 said:

I wish there is more outcomes after sex, like the sim would be more satisfied if she/he had high desire level or the other sim was more attractive and have high sexpertise level.


Definitely agreed. As it is, it feels like the desire levels and the sexpertise levels don't do much of anything. I think it'd be really cool if there was more chance of gaining an embarassed moodlet or having unsatisfying sex with a low sexpertise level, or a bored moodlet for "meh" sex resulting from a low desire level.

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Sims Sexpertise skill, Sims Attractiveness, and Desire level do all affect the outcome of sex, but it's true that currently the implementation leans towards positive outcome more. The upcoming update this week has a refreshed implementation that instead balances on always being on the verge of giving the negative outcome and it's more about the imbalance of partners rather than combining their efforts. I can't say it would be easy to make SO/Spouse unsatisfied, it would require effort in making Sims somewhat miserable to not be able to contribute much, but it will be more possible than ever before.

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I put Selfish Lover on a wife  whom the husband found to be medium attracted to but always still had great sex.  The wife suddenly passed away lol...and I made him a new girlfriend their attraction levels were off the chart  desire levels as well and girlfriend came out as  "meh... could  have been better" 


Also wondering how you all play..do you have auto enabled?.......I have 6  pro sports players that have a work out club and I play all 6 but individualy......I gathered at the gym and one of my Married players was going at it with an ugly reporter right at the front doors of the gym! She ended up pregnant and having triplets!! I know I could have just deleted them but had fun making him be responsible for his bad decision..haha.  I also put "no sex allowed on lot" sign up after that too.   

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