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  1. Um thank you for both your suggestions, but neither fix the issue. This type of club (which exists in REAL life) is basically a swingers club, where white couples (or single women) go to have sex with black men or women. So strip club doesn't work since its not a business in that sense, but rather a pure sex club where people have sex with strangers just for fun and the "filled" venues doesnt work because it doesnt fill the venue with the right "clients" aka married couples and single black men there to have sex with them. Aka basically needs to be run as a household to control whos in it.
  2. So I recently created a wife sharing/bbc (aka big black cock) club for women who want it big and black...but nobody showed up. Oh sure a few sims did, but most looked like lost tourists and definitely didnt fit the theme lol. So the only way to really make this "venue" work is if you turn it into a house, place sims in it and basically pretend its a club? Otherwise it doesn't function as intended? Oh and the elevator is broken. Because why add elevators to a game unless they are nonfunctional? Per sharing it features a lot of CC so if I'm to share it I'd have to give links to all the CC required or just remove it all and let people add/final. Still I thought it was so funny I spent so much time making this only for it to be broken, although honestly there really was never going to be a way to control who entered it... First floor is sign in, second is club area, third is bedrooms and fourth is record room for all the guests...and you think they didn't track whos been blacked? Although most people know the basement as the gangbang room. you can see at the end of the hall a spade light that is either green for "open" or turns "red" when occupied. Lots of little details like this...sadly don't see myself using this much now though since its basically non-functioning except as a story prop.
  3. I've gone through so many skins, I've literally checked every single skin on thesimsresource and I just cant find a good skin that looks "shaded" by thatI mean it highlights the body shape, breasts muscles ect vs a "realistic" texture. I especially find overall a LOT of skins fail to really give breasts a proper shading/weight and realistic skins just look weird on the Sims 4 bodies since the body shapes overall are more cartoon than realistic. Anyway I know there are a TON of custom skins out there I've never even discovered especially on random websites/tumblrs and wondering if anybody can recommend a good looking skin that focuses more on shading of the body rather than making it look "realistic" because I honestly believe a better shaded skin would make it look more realistic in some ways since I find the sims bodies/skins in general make the skin/body look flat.
  4. I've seen tons of topics asking which version to use, including on here - but almost ALL the questions and answers (even the one that is 44 pages long) NEVER EVER seem to address the real question - that being the sex mods themselves and variety between the two game versins. I know there are some pretty extensive sex mods that exist for the normal version but do they exist for the SSE version too? Also stuff like pregnancy mods, tentacles, ect ect. I'm being very general in the use of the word sex here like I mean basically sex quests, prostitution ect - anything adult - which version does SEX the best? I'm literally sitting down this week to basically build skyrim from the ground up mod wise having not played the game since release and only vanilla version. But I don't want to sit here downloading a bunch of sex mods for the SSE version when it turns out there are better sex mods for the normal version that never got ported OR if they all did ect. Basically which versoin of skyrim does sex mods better? would i be missing out on one vs the other?
  5. I do agree that overall that "stealing code" in some ways is a very grey area for the Sims. For example if you want to make a sex mod, you basically need to make the exact same code lines to play animations because thats how the game handles animations. Another great example would pregnancy system, there are tons of mods that have a variation of pregnancy in them - but they need to follow some very basic code line to work - and it will properly look exactly similar between mods for a sim to even get pregnant or the game won't recognize it. Now if a modder makes a fertility system and it works EXACTLY like WW including checking your phone, showing the exact same info ect than thats clearly using WW assets thats clearly code theft - but its also the internet lol. Also were are talking mods here, I've been in the Sim community for a loooong time and I can't tell you how many people I'v eseen leave the community because they get upset or even leave the community because somebody packed their mod into a sim lot without asking ect. But once anything is on the net you really have no control over it, don't believe me? Ask the movie and music industry how that worked out for them. That said I do agree that taking somebody's mod and SELLING it in a pack (there is a legit website that does this cant remember the name) is pure up wrong - but again its nearly impossible to stop people from doing this if they really want to. I'm not saying its right I'm just saying welcome to the internet, is this your first visit? As for beastiality in sims 4 - I think it mostly comes down to the fact that a HUGE portion of Sim 4 players (and of that audience) are really easily offended after all a lot of them are the same twitter crowd that freak out over everything that easily offends them. Although I think we live in an age that likes to BE offended too or find ways to be. Gives them purpose since most people lack it now. I dunno...where is Jebus?!
  6. Despite having zero sexual sexpertise and even attempting to give the male a small or hell big penis with opposite preferences by the female partner - they always have amazing sex! I'm not sure if this is simply because they are in a happy marriage, flirty mood when they have sex which puts them into "good sex moods" but I've found it lterally impossible to get them ever to have unsatisfied sex. I'm wondering if there is some special secret sauce to this? Yes I know its a weird question but kinda feels unrealistic that they are having the best sex ever without any skill in it. Although love is blinding...
  7. Looking good! Love the last picture.
  8. Hey NisaK, is there any chance you could add the ability for tentacles to plant/lay eggs in any sim? Kinda like...tentacles do without requiring the hare trait/lifestyle.
  9. Made this video on the fly trying Microsofts Video Editor to see what I could do with it. Thought it would be a fun share and turned out not half bad for first attempt. https://mega.nz/file/67g3xaYD#-f9Lrn3ZWrZjJw8w1YkJuY6s5zv3paYNdbewbOoGQ3E As per my review of MS Video Editor, which is included free with all Win10 versions I actually recommend giving it a try. Its very very easy to use, allows timing with music and well its just very simply in a good way. My only real issue is how it catalogs images you use, where u can divide pictures all over the place based on the date and time, so you end up having to scroll all over the place to find the pictures you want for your project beause it doesnt put them in order even if you label them 1-10 in one directory. Regardless its a free and easy tool to make Sims 4 videos I think based onym results above.
  10. Ah I do have that mod, totally forgot about it too. Actually thought it was just a normal slider lol. Darn I dont want to remove it either...any idea what the trick was to make the boobs re-appear other than restarting the game?
  11. I see the creator hasn't logged in since nearly this time last year, is this mod still being supported? I really love the shape of the breasts for this mesh. However recently I've been having a "vanishing" chest issue which apparently is caused due to a conflict except I don't use any other body mods except height slider. I also only notice this happens when a sim does some form of "swap" but not outfits, more like doing a different task and its loading a new animation and boom the chest vanishes. I have to reload my game for the chest to re-appear, although I feel like there was a faster solution I stumbled upon once but I forget what it was lol....anybody else having this issue? It might not be this mod specifically but a conflict with it I guess?
  12. For those interested I finally found the mods (and I was wrong, they don't require WW) they are made by Melunn. Its called "onlysims" mod for those interested and based on the idea of onlyfans like posting sex pics, ect. Here is her patreon page, all her content is free after first month and the onlysims mod is unlocked. She also has some other great free mods (well again they are all free eventually) including adult life, horror life. Some really great mods. Wish I had found her sooner! https://www.patreon.com/melunn/posts
  13. No honestly thank you, I appreciate any advice! I was just clarifying what I am and am not looking for, I actually used MC again for first time today just to check out what I'm missing and honestly I feel like its the type of mod I'd install when I need a specific function again. On a slightly different note but back on topic, I've been joining various discords as I'm playing Sims 4 more now and I'SHOCKED how many have rules stating "if your found using beastiality mods" you can be banned. I'm really shocked to find this in modding community which has always been install/play with whatever mods you want - personal choice. Now I do understand this goes back to drama between modders and but I do believe that NO gamer has the right to dictate what mods another gamer puts in their game unless it effects them directly (like an online competitive game that gives advantages). I also hate reading articles or comments by people stating that playing video games with nonconsentual sex or questionable content like beastiality will make them do these acts in real life. Wait what? Did they just blame video games for sexual violence? In the last 20 years people have been trying to blame video games with ZERO evidence to prove games cause people to act it out in real life (whatever it is) if its a violent or illegal act (such as beastiality or noncensent) every study on this topic has proven thats indeed false. There is no correlation but now we have a part of a hyper sensitive and "cancel" culture sims community declaring that mods cause violence or illegal acts...seriously!? If that was true street walkers around the world would be run over daily by all the millions of people that play GTA and anybody that has basemental drugs mod would have become drug dealers in real life by that mentality. The only thing that these studies have proven is that people that are going to commit acts of violence are going to do them regardless of their exposure to media of whatever form (back in the 70 and 80's it was movies that were blamed, even books and board games!) I actually found a topic blasting WW because it features too many sexual animations that aren't "intimate enough" and made for men. First off thats NOT WW fault - don't they realize when they download an animators animations its a different person? Why are they blaming WW for that?? Plus the majority of animations ARE MADE by men, so is it any wonder?? Its like if anybody can find an excuse to complain or hate on things they will these days. I don't get it. Anyway this whole thing seems like a situation of hyper sensitive corner of the sims community trying to dictate what mods people should and should not do use, including some sensitive about WW too. Thing is if you don't like some animations or subject matters, nobody is forcing people to download rough bj animations or tell other people they shouldn't. Its like there is this strange disconnect with the Sims community and the rest of the gaming world.
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