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is there a way to remove things from an esp not associated with a certain cell quickly?


, like say I want to keep any records of the items and npcs that are in "cell a", but after i delete "cell b", i want the records for any npcs/objects and items that went into cell b but not cell a to be removed.

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In any case, after deleting a cell, the records, as you write, will remain, but permanent references in this cell will not.


what is the point in deleting cells at all, because while the player is not there, in it, it is not in the memory of the game. The developers (Bethesda) are left full of all sorts of trash cells in the game, and they do not seem to affect the gameplay ...

It is possible (on the contrary) to delete all records  in this cell, which will significantly reduce the esp, and this will not affect the game in any way until the player appears in this cell.



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I'm tying to stitch together several cells from different esps with tes4Gecko, and want to reduce file-size and more importantly reduce variables,


my game is already unstable enough without the extra cells and scripts and whatever else there may be.

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