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A small slide for a woman, a big step for me



I finally figured out how to implement "Room Morph" sliders in Pose Edit.  
Please excuse the crudely animated pose; i whipped it up just to demonstrate the sliding window as controlled by a slider (how fitting)
This will give me some cool possibilities in rooms development.
things like opening doors, windows, cabinet, drawers, turning chairs, moving stuff around.




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Hmmmm... can this be done with a transparent glass? Like a wineglass or shotglass?

certainly worth a shot IMNSHO

i was alreardy thinking about it of course - one thing leads to another - but transparency is a bit of a two-edged sword in this game of "ours"

But if i can get a half-decent result, i will share it here



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24 minutes ago, vascosnts said:

@MarburgWith this kind of morphs it makes me think that millions of ideas with toys and morphs can be made,great work! :)

that's the plan.


@ all : don't hesitate to make suggestions. good ideas are always welcome!



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