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  1. Added engine,silencer,licence plate,grip,interior buttons,rollers....
  2. Added Speedometer console and horizontal grill parts,chrome cover for backlights. Left to do is adding a gear stick some buttons and switches ,rollers and silencer.
  3. Respect man! This is really complicated stuff,except berger idk anyone who did something like this before.
  4. Finaly! Thats a great finding.Have to check that out at once....
  5. This mesh was made for 3d printing but i converted it for the game.Still a lot of work but it goes forward piece by piece.... Nice 1955 Porsche Spyder 550.
  6. First test in the tunnel...WIP 550 Porsche Spyder...
  7. I used V10 with update .p for the picture so you have the same version. If you are new to the game look calmly through the menu buttons and you will find the connect option for the body parts.Make sure to have all options visible if i remember correct the options can be hidden.
  8. Hi! At first i have to say that you should ask questions in our so called "Help" topic . Please ask for help there in the future.Thank you. On the second i attach a picture which shows where to set connections in Pose Editor. Hope this will help.
  9. Shelby Cobra AC 1963 This was a very simple created mesh.So i had to add a lot of parts and fix some mesh structures.This addon comes without Active Mod folders.If you want to change the vehicles colors please take a look into the README.txt file included in the main archiv. Credits to the original 3dmodel creator/s. Install:Extract the archive into your games addon folder. VX.ShelbyCobraAC_DC.7z
  10. Nice hint.Will use it in my next project.Thanks.
  11. Yeah all my vehicle addons will be updated anyway and ill include active mod folders for easy modding but you are right i didnt mentioned that in the addon postings and will edit them asap.As you might have read in my last answer i do use Gimp for decades already and also have photoshop but i didnt installed photoshop cause i like Gimp i used it in Linux in the old days.
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