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  1. Quantity of posting content is not important but knowing what you are talking about is.If you would use your mg user name here like K17 suggested I probably havent comment your posting.I dont like users who download content without giving something back to the community and offend well known modders comments they're posting without knowing how much effort modders put into the work they do.So dont feel offendet by me.Btw.I think hfg2 has a h5 object converter released so it should not be a problem to do the task.
  2. @_Haze_ And what about you? Did you share something to the community or just post your opinion without knowing what you are talking about?
  3. Hi! This information is for all the modders who release mods in the club. As long as your mod includes scene files please post your mod in the addon section.Thanks!
  4. Hook is ok so far but not in every case.One disadvantage in my opnion is that every time the hardware is changed youll have to get a new key for the payed version even if its just a bios update of the pc.On the other side i wonder why modders release hook only addons even if the room could be released for both systems cause the standard room is made in blender so it could be released also for none hook users without additional effort exept the room makes use of hook objects.....
  5. The Room with the paint can?
  6. @K17 Thanks for the info.Thats good news.
  7. Yeah,but for some reason a lot of people prefere to use the mods disc on discord even if k17 stated to upload new updates here.
  8. This is a demo tape to show the new room optioms which can be attached to the rooms and shows my WIP room Daspex8. RoomOptionsDemo.mp4
  9. This Thread is made for users work in progress and similar stuff.
  10. Hi K17 Thank you for deciding to use this forum.Just post the update in the Game and Updates section.I think you dont need a status to do so.If you want to get moderator status please contact one of the leaders or hdiddy.
  11. Hi, I wonder how we handle the next step.Shall we start to copy the most important content from the garden to the club?
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