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I'll convert your low poly character to a high poly version!

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Recently I discovered this glorious mod: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/283-high-poly-head/ and I'm having fun converting my old presets to this new high poly version using this guide: https://arca.live/b/tullius/4958275. The higher poly count really brings out detail in characters. This community has been very kind to me all these years so I want to do something back. The converting procedure can be confusing for some people so I'm willing to convert your character for you. If you want me to convert your character I need you to:


1. Install RaceMenu.

2. Use the export function to create a .nif file of your head preset and send it (if you don't want it public you can PM me). Also include the .jslot file and a screenshot of your character.



Here's an example of the difference it can make:










PS: I WON'T convert characters that are not yours unless the original author gave permission. Only 1 character per person! ?


REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN. Yes I'm working on a guide, but it will take time...

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44 minutes ago, Selenia said:

I have two characters, but since I can only choose one of them. Is attached.
I thank you!

Selenia.jslot 57.37 kB · 1 download Selenia.nif 2.69 MB · 1 download

Here's the high poly version. You can use the import function to apply it to your character. Make sure to set face part to the high poly one in RaceMenu (3rd option if I'm not mistaken).


Selenia High Poly.nif

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1 hour ago, Incubusbul said:

Can you convert just the hair from some hair mod? I really like a particular hairstyle from it, but it looks too cartoonish/anime on screenshots. I'm already using high poly head.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Can you PM me some screenshots?

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1 hour ago, TrixieGrrl said:

Can you do mine too?

Tamara.nif 2.7 MB · 0 downloads

Here it is. Download the mod above (expressive facemorphs is optional but recommended). Load your racemenu preset (it might look strange or deformed, ignore that). Set weight to 100 (you can change it later). Set facepart to 3 (again, might look weird) and use the import function in the sculpt tab. Converted heads like this wont work well with high poly eyebrow replacers. Just use the vanilla ones instead.


Tamara HP.nif



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45 minutes ago, killer1997ab said:

Can I get mine too? A lot of thanks!

I tried to just apply high poly head and my character face just become so ugly xd

RaPink.jslot 83.54 kB · 1 download RaPink Head.nif 1.35 MB · 1 download

Pretty cool preset. Made a screenshot how she looks ingame. She probably looks different in your game (I'm not sure if I have all the tattoo mods installed so you may need to apply them again). If you also use expressive facegen morphs, you can use the jslot file. If not:


1. Start skyrim with the High Poly Head mod.

2. Load your preset (it will still look low poly, sometimes it looks very strange, ignore that)

3. Under the head tab, slide face part to 3 (it will look even stranger now)

4. Go straight to the sculpt tab and import the .nif file

5. Sometimes the eyes will look weird, to fix it. Exit showracemenu and re-enter it.


RaPink High Poly.nif

RaPink High Poly.jslot



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1 hour ago, killer1997ab said:

wowowow, words just cannot express my thankfulness, it works great ingame!

just wondering what mod do you use for the eye makeup?

Anyway it's so perfect! Thankyou & thankyou!

No problem! I'm not sure what makeup I use actually. I'm currently not able to check but I think I just use fair skin complexion textures + the the makeup overhaul in the optional files. Oh I forgot to mention that high poly eyebrow replacers won't work with head conversions. The default ones work fine though. 

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On 8/4/2021 at 1:35 PM, jujumanjudu said:

Hi i'm late to the party but are you still doing convertion? i've tried the method myself but always ends up messing the mouth, i'll appreciate it if you can help me convert mine to high poly.

Frost.nif 272.37 kB · 1 download

Here you go! Read the above comments carefully if you want to know how to get it working! Frost HP.nif



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