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CK not responding on close after facegen

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I've just spent ages running facegen in the CK, after it was done I tried to close the program and it went unresponsive. It's been like this for about half an hour now. Is this normal behaviour? I don't want to force close unnecessarily and have to rerun facegen.

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30 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

It depends on how many NPCs it is dealing with and your hardware. When it has finished it will give you a message to that effect.

It doesn't take much to upset the CK.


Turns out it just crashed. I tried redoing the facegen with CK fixes and it all appeared to work, but apparently the CK isn't exporting face tint/geom data. Only a handful of the NPCs out of the full list actually exported. Any idea why this might be?

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1 hour ago, Grey Cloud said:

The CK is crap?

My best advice would be to do a few at a time and save after every successful export. (I learned that one the hard way ? )


Ah, the head to brick wall method? I guess it's worth a shot.

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38 minutes ago, Frosferes said:


Ah, the head to brick wall method? I guess it's worth a shot.

Good luck. The CK and 'tears before bedtime' go hand in hand.


Don't forget to rename or move your tintmasks folder otherwise you have just wasted your time.

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13 minutes ago, Frosferes said:


Hey thanks man, turns out this and the facegeom folders were why it wasn't exporting properly.

Glad you sorted it.

You can put the tintmasks folder back once you are done. It is just a pain to remember to move/rename each time you want to do the CK thing. Red forehead or streaky make up is a sure sign you forgot.

Also a pain to remember to put it back after.

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