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  1. You're right, Ignore what I said about that I was mistaken about something. I wonder if it is LOOT that's automatically messing up my plugin arangement because it thinks the replacer should take priority? It doesn't seem to have any issue updating the load order when I move most other plugins around, there are just a couple that don't want to move. I'll have another look through.
  2. I realise now that I forgot to include hand slot armour/clothes meshes with the updated models. This won't be an issue unless the wrist seam is exposed and should be fixed with a fairly simple copy/paste job in nifskope. Could probably do with sorting out before going on the main page. I can do this unless anyone else volunteers? On a related note, I've been having a weird issue with my load order. My body replacer keeps overwriting the armour records and replacing the YA hands with the replacer's own Khajiit hands. This is despite YA being further down the MO plugin list than any other mod that affects those records. I opened my load order up in SSEedit and for reasons unknown to me the plugin 'file order' (from MO) and 'load order' are not synchronised, and YA is always loading first. Nothing I do in MO seems to change it and I'm scratching my head cos it feels like I'm missing something obvious here. Also, I'm having an invisible shin issue with MMG's digi boots. Is this a problem with that addon or something on my end like the armour records?
  3. Ok so I've reshaped and reweighted the beast meshes to fit with the new CBBE body, if anyone's interested. YA_CBBE_BeastMeshes.rar I've tested in game and they should be working fine. Included are both regular and digi versions so you'll need to pick one and make sure it's overwriting everything else. If anyone notices issues with the meshes let me know.
  4. I see. If I was any good at software modding I'd make it myself but alas. It's very frustrating to me that seemingly the first thing Microsoft did after aquiring Havok was to nix content tools for modders, the greedy bastards. If the tools were available I'd have no problem making the full jump to SMP, but I suppose we get what we're given. Is the decompiling of the dll file ongoing or has that concluded now?
  5. It might be your specific body replacer that isn't playing nicely with the SMP tails. Unfortunately I don't think there's an easy fix for that since (at least as far as I've experienced) every physics enabled body replacer will use it's own collision tags which the tail doesn't know not to collide with. If you want to try fixing it yourself you could open up the xml files for the tails and the body using Notepad++ or XML Notepad and compare the collision tags. See if you can isolate the conflicting node(s) in the body and add it to the no-collide tags in the tail shapes. If you want to be sure you could also try a different body replacer to see if you're still having the same issue or not.
  6. Hey BD, what's the difference between the regular and digi foot meshes? Is it worth me editing both or should I just save 2 copies of the one? I've never played tech support before so I'm not sure how much help I'd be solving your issue sorry. I'd ask though if you're sure it's being caused by physics conflicts and not by your machine not being able to handle running both systems simultaneously. SMP is a pretty damn heavy plugin.
  7. I'm a stubborn mule that doesn't take no for an answer. I've chosen my body mesh and now I WILL make it work goddammit. It shouldn't be too hard to fix the beast meshes and if it works out I'll put them up for download. I just hope I won't have to reweigh them. I can't rule out extra GPU load causing physics oddities but I'm running a 2080 super which is plenty powerful enough to not drop frames even with some pretty hefty graphics mods. I'll keep experimenting and post if I make a breakthrough.
  8. That's what I'm talking about, I'm not getting CTD like Shamrock was saying. It's only that the tail tends to twitch, twist and rest at odd angles. Before installing the physics body replacer I didn't notice it doing this and they seemed to move quite naturally. I'm currently messing about with the no-collide tags in the tail xmls to see if I can stop this from happening. So far I've got it to stop colliding with the butt, but there's still some oddities. The collision tags for the body are a bit obtuse and there's a lot of them, so who know's what's causing it. Maybe I'm just crazy and it was always like this idk. There's another compatibility issue though. It looks like somewhere along the line CBBE and it's derivatives including 3BBB decided to ditch the vanilla wrist and ankle seams, so there's now visible gaps in the character model. I can probably fix this with some mesh fudging but it's a bit of a pain because Blender won't support SSE meshes without first backporting them.
  9. Thank you very much! I'll have a tinker around with this and see if I can get it to work. I'm using SE so maybe that'll make a difference *shrug*. Out of curiosity, do you know if there's been any community attempt to compile the information learnt about SMP that wasn't provided by Hydrogen? Or is he even still available for outreach on this matter? Also I'm not looking for an auto generating tool like autopilot. I'm just curious if, since SMP is based on bullet physics, it's possible to import a skinned mesh into software like blender which supports that physics system, then define, test and export SMP constraints to xml format; in the same way you'd export PE xmls from 3ds Max using havok content tools. This might be a stretch but I thought it was worth the ask since that's how I'm used to working with PE. Thanks for your reply
  10. I read somewhere that HDT SMP supports conetwist/ragdoll constraints on top of the typical generic and stiff-spring options. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, how to set up these parameters, since the documentation for the addon is practically non-existent (at least in English). Additionally, is it possible to export SMP constraint data from a modelling program that supports bullet physics (such as Blender)?
  11. I just installed 3BBB and it does seem to conflict with the HDT tails even on a male character which doesn't have the glute physics. I'm not very familiar with how SMP functions as up to now I've always used PE, it's quite frustrating tbh. This is the biggest obstacle keeping me away from fully switching to SE (Thanks Microsoft...). As for the tail alpha, it's only the SMP enabled mesh that has the transparrency issue, which wasn't being used anyway. I only saw it after renaming the file to overwrite the default tail.
  12. I've just noticed that the male HDT brush tail model also has messed up alpha, there's no transparency. I think this problem was already found and fixed in the LE version?
  13. It should only mean that actors which use the brush tail model like the Skaal won't have HDT enabled on them, but I wouldn't rule out software magic being involved. I've only recently moved to SSE so i'm not the most experienced with how SMP works. Is it only the tails that SMP isn't working for or is it not working at all?
  14. Heads up BD. In the SMP tails folder 'brushmaletail.nif' is misspelled as 'brushmaletale.nif' and so isn't overwriting the non-HDT tail.
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