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  1. Post your full load order, probably another mod or patch overwriting it.
  2. Hey @MadMansGun do you have a red/pink version of the legacy werewolf penis texture? I've seen SFM animations with what I think was originally your model in them but not been able to find the source model they used.
  3. This is correct. With CF disabled werewolf model stays the same during animations. The SOS addon just adjusts to the default erect state. This can be changed with the SOS bend up/down keys though. Animation obviously isn't as dynamic as ABC. This is one of my goals. I want to achieve the same effect but with SOS addons. My problem is I don't understand the CK well enough to do that. I'm debating whether or not to make a CF compatible version of this mod using Animal SOS and ABC which already have dynamic swapping capabilities.
  4. Hey Vale, update's really good and a lot more consistent now. I remember reading that you were redoing the textures for book covers in the game a while back. Did that ever get finished? Always room for some more clutter.
  5. Got it. I get HKX not being supported by Blender *glares muderously at Microsoft* but in a way I'm surprised that progress on Blender's support for file formats like nif has been so glacial, given its massive explosion in popularity and industry adoption in recent years. As an aside, SE's crash happy tendencies are really annoying. I've been trying to run one of MMG's HCOS title screens and some of them will just crash SE no matter what I do to them
  6. Ah ok. I didn't realise nif tools doesn't currently support FO4. I'd love to be able to help, but my programming knowledge is.. eh.. rudimentary to say the least. You don't suppose exporting as another game's nif format and then optimising to FO4 using an external program like nif optimiser or CAO would work?
  7. Just saw the OP and I just wanted to butt in because I'm a bit confused. I've been using the latest version of nif tools for import/export in Blender 2.9x for a while now without issue. Is your goal with making your own plugin to improve functionality with mesh weight morphs and tris like mentioned upthread (Something I would appreciate since those things are a bit of a pain to work with currently)? Or for integrating HKX files into the Blender workflow (Something I've not even tried to do yet because ughh..)?
  8. Go into the character assets folder in the mod. Delete femalebodywerewolf_0 and _1. Make a copy of malebodywerewolf_0 and _1 and change the names of the copies to match the deleted files.
  9. Unfortunate quirks in the way mods are designed leading to conflicts where there really shouldn't be. That's modding for you I guess. But yes, if you can isolate the mod that's causing the issue to happen it'll be easier to find a more permanent solution. Hope you enjoy mine now it's working properly though.
  10. If you set the equipped item to be revealing in SOS then it should stay that way each time it's equipped. Assuming it's the same item each time.
  11. Doesn't look like it and I'm not exactly well versed in Bodyslide / Outfit Studio. Maybe post about it on the mod request forum?
  12. The only thing I can think of is if one of those plugins is overwriting the werewolf race records. Try putting Werewolves.esp at the very bottom of the list to see if that fixes anything. Just to be thorough try reinstalling the mod with a different head shape to see if the options you selected were somehow causing issues. If you hover your cursor over an actor in game you can see what armor they have equipped and whether it's considered revealing in the SOS MCM. See if Farkas shows anything up there.
  13. MonsterLipSync1.esp is the plugin from MFA and it's missing from your list. You sure you have MFA installed? My version of Werewolves.esp has that plugin as a master, so if it's missing then mine won't load either and should be giving a warning (this is assuming it's my mod that's providing Werewolves.esp, as a plugin with the same name comes from the original HDT werewolves). If the werewolf shows up correctly for a brief time before changing then in my experience that's usually a sign that another mod is equipping the actor with an invisible armor piece. This is quite c
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